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IT Management Linux News for Dec 02, 2004

  • NewsForge: Firebird Targets the Enterprise Database (Dec 02, 2004, 20:00)
    "Last fall Allan Grant was very upset following a meeting with his database vendor. Grant is the CIO of a large trading group with over $1 billion in sales..."

  • ZDNet UK: The Manx Turn from Unix to Windows (Dec 02, 2004, 17:30)
    "The Isle of Man is ditching Unix and shunning Linux as it moves its infrastructure from a heterogenous environment to Windows..."

  • BNAmericas/LinuxInsider: Brazil Court Adopts Open-Source Software (Dec 02, 2004, 16:45)
    "TJDFT's migration is aligned with the current government's policy of stimulating the adoption of open-source technology..."

  • IT Observer: CIOs and IT Managers Prefer Linux for E-mail (Dec 02, 2004, 16:00)
    "A study, undertaken by Osterman Research in October 2004, reveals that 55 percents of CIOs and IT Managers would consider switching to Linux e-mail over the next two years..."

  • IBM, NYSE Set for Major Software Pact (Dec 02, 2004, 14:30)
    "In an example of how high-tech vendors are shoring up deals in the financial services industry, IBM will announce a major technology pact with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) next Thursday, has learned..." While details are not forthcoming yet, there is some speculation in the article that this could involve Linux.

  • ZDNet Australia: Time For the Real Facts (Dec 02, 2004, 04:00)
    "Microsoft is banking on the power of peer reviews by parading a string of customers who dumped Linux for Windows but there's something amiss..."

  • Sydney Morning Herald: US Threat to Free Software (Dec 02, 2004, 00:15)
    "Fading perhaps faster than all others is the Australia-US free trade agreement: most notably the infamous 'Chapter 17' covering the harmonisation of intellectual property (IP) laws between the two countries..." [Free registration may be required.]