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IT Management Linux News for Jan 25, 2005

  • ServerWatch: Hardware Today: For Linux, Maturity Leads to Inroads (2005-01-25 23:30:39)
    "In the world of Linux servers, 2004 was not so much about revolutionary breakthroughs as it was about consolidation, growing maturity, and 'corporatization...'"

  • eWeek: Teachers Union Turns to Open Source (2005-01-25 19:45:08)
    "A major teachers union is looking to open-source technology to move its enterprise systems and its members to a new non-proprietary platform that the union will control completely..."

  • CNET News: Google Snaps Up Top Firefox Programmer (2005-01-25 18:15:13)
    "Google has hired the lead programmer of the Firefox Web browser, the newest step in the search engine powerhouse's encroachment on Microsoft's turf..."

  • eWeek: Analysts: Sun's Open Solaris Plans Face Problems (2005-01-25 16:45:06)
    "Sun has long promised that it would open-source Solaris, but it has yet to answer in detail how it will deal with questions about The SCO Group Inc.'s Unix intellectual property claims..."

  • Techworld: IBM Plays Down Linux Desktop Plans (2005-01-25 16:00:34)
    "More than a year after IBM CEO and chairman Sam Palmisano challenged his company to move to the Linux desktop by the end of 2005, IBM has significantly toned down its rhetoric on the subject of open source clients..."

  • The Oregonian: Beaverton Lands Technology Agreement (2005-01-25 15:15:34)
    "Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Mayor Rob Drake today will announce a new relationship between the city and the Beaverton-based laboratory developing applications for the Linux software operating system..."

  • OpenSolaris: Today's Launch, Gentoo's Port (2005-01-25 13:45:59)
    "Sun Microsystems is launching its OpenSolaris initiative today complete with a new community, advisory board and intellectual property rights..." Plus an announcement of Gentoo's plans to port Portage to OpenSolaris.

  • Heise Online: Wienux, A Linux for Vienna (2005-01-25 12:15:06)
    "Vienna's Municipal Authority, the department heads included, from this year on will be given the choice of using a special Linux distribution named Wienux..."

  • Bangkok Post/LinuxInsider: Good and Bad Found Lurking in the 'Evil Empire' (2005-01-25 02:30:30)
    "Fresh into a new job and fresh with ideas on how Linux was going to take over the world, I relished the opportunity to tear into this poor gentleman who was simply trying to give us some copies of Microsoft Encarta..."

  • ZDNet UK: SCO's Outlook is a Bleak House (2005-01-25 01:00:59)
    "SCO has gained access to two billion lines of code in its wrangle with IBM. This may be a costly battle to have won..."