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IT Management Linux News for Aug 19, 2005

  • Editor's Note: How Not to Define Linux (2005-08-19 23:30:30)
    "Even if you could make up a TCO study that was completely fair and impartial, the results would be meaningless. Not just on a personal scale, but also on a global scale..."

  • ZDNet Australia: Cashing In on Linux (2005-08-19 22:00:38)
    "In polite society it is traditionally frowned upon to discuss topics which inspire strongly polarised opinion. This means religion, politics, sex, and Linux..."

  • Heise Online: Berlin's Central Administration on a Path Toward Linux (2005-08-19 21:15:18)
    "Migrating the Microsoft software of Berlin's Central Administration to Linux is possible in principle, the administration of Berlin's Department of the Interior states in a letter to the Executive Committee of the Senate..."

  • CNET News: Sun Sets Up Open-Source Office (2005-08-19 19:45:28)
    "Sun Microsystems on Wednesday night launched an office dedicated to open-source matters, signaling a new elevation of the collaborative programming philosophy within the server and software company..."

  • NetworkWorld: Dell Servers Eye Linux (2005-08-19 19:00:30)
    "The company extended its servers into the Linux market with the announcement that it would support the LAMP stack, MySQL Network and JBoss Networks..."

  • iTWeb: MS Unaffected by Linux, Says BMI-T (2005-08-19 13:00:02)
    "The strengthening position of Linux and open source in the local and global arena is not leading to attrition of Microsoft's market share..."

  • AME Info: Can the GCC learn from Banco do Brasil? (2005-08-19 10:00:42)
    "But rather than continuing to expand a massive server farm consisting of hundreds of Intel and UNIX boxes, Banco do Brasil turned to Linux and the IBM mainframe..."

  • InfoWorld Nederland: Chinese Developers Should Take Global Open-Source Role (2005-08-19 01:00:54)
    LinuxWorld Beijing: "Chinese developers of open-source software should play a more prominent role in the development of Linux and other open-source software, senior industry executives said at a conference in Beijing on Wednesday..."