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IT Management Linux News for Oct 06, 2006

  • ServerWatch: The Windows vs. Linux Decider (2006-10-06 21:00:13)
    "Along the way, Federle noticed an odd phenomenon in the world of IT. He's seen many managers make one of their most critical decisions--whether to opt for Windows or Linux--on strictly personal grounds..."

  • CNET News: Canonical Seeks Profit from Free Ubuntu (2006-10-06 17:15:40)
    "If you want to understand Canonical's Linux business strategy, think Red Hat 2000..."

  • The Wall Street Journal: You Say You Want a Revolution (2006-10-06 15:00:39)
    "It's not Microsoft Windows, although it looks a lot like it, with its start menus, buttons and windows. And it's not Apple, although with its color palette and uncluttered screen perhaps it could be. It's something called Ubuntu.."