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IT Management Linux News for Jan 16, 2007

  • LXer: Large academic international interdisciplinary study on FLOSS gets the real facts (2007-01-16 23:30:00)
    "The main findings in this area, are FLOSS is important to the economy, and the cost to reproduce and distribute the (decent) FLOSS applications would be about $15 billion. 131 thousand people would have to work a year to recreate all that FLOSS"

  • YouTube: Mark Spencer Presents AsteriskNOW (2007-01-16 22:45:00)
    "Mark Spencer, the original author and founder of Digium, presents AsteriskNOW." requires Flash 7

  • ZDNet AU: DRM, GPLv3 just 'hot air': Linus Torvalds (2007-01-16 22:00:00)
    "I expect this to raise a lot of bad blood but at the same time, at the end of the day, I don't think it really matters that much."

  • ArsTechnica: Fluendo makes proprietary codecs available to Linux users (2007-01-16 21:15:00)
    "In response to the growing demand for proprietary multimedia codecs on the open-source Linux platform, multimedia software development company Fluendo has released GStreamer codec plugins that provide native support for a variety of proprietary media formats."

  • Linux Watch: DIY DNS service (2007-01-16 20:30:00)
    "I have a problem with my ISP, Bell South. Its DNS (Domain Name System) service is slow, and there have been times that it just doesn't work. Since I make my living off non-stop Internet connectivity, this is bad news."

  • SearchOpenSource: IP attorney: Bankrupt or not, SCO case is 'boring' (2007-01-16 19:45:00)
    "For many IT managers and open source advocates, the infamous SCO trial resembles one of those hokey daytime dramas. What was once the Linux trial of the ages has today devolved into a contract argument with little bearing on the future of Linux or opens source software."

  • Linux.com: Talking virtualization with rPath (2007-01-16 19:00:00)
    "Billing itself as the "software appliance company," rPath was one of the first companies to focus on virtual appliances and simplifying their production."

  • ZDNet Australia: Squiz bows to GPL pressure (2007-01-16 18:15:00)
    "Local software vendor Squiz has re-licensed its MySource Matrix tool under the popular GNU General Public License (GPL), nearly two years after facing criticism the software's previous licence wasn't "open" enough."

  • Ubuntu Forums: Windows based installer - testers and developers wanted (2007-01-16 17:30:00)
    " The aim of this installer is to provide an easier way for a Windows user to install Ubuntu without having to know how to burn a cd iso, set the bios to boot from cd, repartition the disks, set up a multiboot system, etc."

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: State trooper lays claim to software he developed (2007-01-16 16:45:00)
    ""These people are trying to steal it (from Meredith), there's no nice way to put it," said Glen Jones, president of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association..."

  • Polish Linux: Dreamlinux 2.2 MME — when dreams come true (2007-01-16 16:00:00)
    "Dreamlinux 2.2 MME is a polished multimedia system from which Xubuntu developers could really learn a lot and which has the potential to demolish Windows Multimedia Center as far as the functionality is concerned."

  • SearchOpenSource: Guide highlights enterprise-ready open source apps (2007-01-16 15:15:00)
    "In 2006, the firm undertook an initiative to catalog enterprise-ready open source applications and list them in a tome targeted at IT managers, not developers. In the spirit of open source, the catalog is available for free at the Optaros Web site."

  • MadPenguin: Mobile Linux for the Mobile Fan (2007-01-16 14:30:00)
    " Linux powered mobiles phones are hardly news. But when you toss in the ability customize your mobile OS just the way you like it, well, that’s another matter altogether."

  • WebProNews: Alan Cox Files DRM Patent (2007-01-16 13:45:00)
    "I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't start off the week with another piece about the content debacle that is Digital Rights Management." Link fixed

  • Illiuminata Perspectives: Predatory Open Source? (2007-01-16 03:00:46)
    "A certain software company based in Redmond, Washington has recently released Visual Studio 97--thereby bundling together many of its development tools for the first time. Now imagine that the company decided to release those tools for free..."