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IT Management Linux News for Jan 26, 2007

  • Editor's Note: Orphaned Desktop Environments (2007-01-26 23:30:40)
    In their bids to outdo each other, will Red Hat and Novell start sacrificing multiple environments and just pick one? And will it be different environments, or the same one, leaving the other orphaned?

  • DesktopLinux: Desktop Linux 2006: The Year in Review (2007-01-26 16:45:57)
    "Linux on the desktop grew and matured in 2006. While some analysts reported a slowing of Linux penetration on the desktop in 2006, a number of significant milestones were reached that promise to continue to move the Linux desktop ahead in 2007..."

  • The Globe and Mail: 16,777,236 (2007-01-26 16:00:45)
    "That's the number of outcomes that are possible when eight competitors each consider three strategic options. Waterloo's wizards of game theory reduce the number to 1..." How IBM consulted game theorists in 2001 when it tried to decide what to do about Linux.

  • internetnews.com: Red Hat's Volley on Linux Management Offering (2007-01-26 15:15:22)
    "Call it Red Hat's forward spin velocity regarding Linux management tools. With competition such as Oracle offering full Red Hat support on their own products, Red Hat is now expanding and improving its Linux management footprint..."

  • Computer Business Review: The Innovation Opportunity of Open Source (2007-01-26 04:45:15)
    "TCO is important, but does it distract from another at least equally important metric? What about the total innovation opportunity (TIO)...?"

  • InfomationWeek: The Microsoft/Novell Deal: Has It Divided The Linux Community? (2007-01-26 00:15:14)
    "When Microsoft and Novell announced that they would work together, Linux enthusiasts were shocked. How has the agreement affected the open-source community, and can it recover...?"