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IT Management Linux News for Mar 19, 2007

  • Cyberciti: Howto install Flash, Java, Real Player 32 bit plugins under 64 bit Firefox (2007-03-19 22:00:00)
    "Recently I found nspluginwrapper which allows to use 32bit plugins on a 64bit Firefox browser using nspluginwrapper."

  • Search Enterprise Linux: Seeking identity management without Microsoft restrictions (2007-03-19 21:15:00)
    "Like CardSpace, Higgins will allow the collection and management of identity and authentication information. Adapters will permit directories, collaboration and communication tools like Web Services, LDAP, email and instant messaging to be integrated."

  • Linux.com: Import mail into Gmail with the Gmail Loader (2007-03-19 20:45:00)
    "So, you've turned your back on traditional mail clients and get your mail fix via Gmail these days. The only problem is getting to all those old message that are stuck in your old email client. One way to stuff that old mail into your shiny and capacious Gmail account is to use Mark Lyon's Gmail Loader."

  • Marketing Firefox == Speed (2007-03-19 20:15:00)
    "There has been a discussion going on in the Forum that I'd like to get your input on...The idea is to have a Mozilla Firefox sponsored car in the Indianapolis 500."

  • For video vendor, Web site is an open and closed case (2007-03-19 19:45:00)
    "Temple ultimately chose Vyatta, an open source router with subscription-based support. "We've learned to love Vyatta," he says. "It's super smooth serving out the video, even with AJAX and Flash." Temple went with the support-for-a-fee option instead of the go-it-alone free community version. "We were able to build what we needed for less than $1,000 and the performance is great."

  • Slightly changed openSUSE 10.2 ISOs Released (2007-03-19 19:00:00)
    "Today the openSUSE team is releasing slightly changed openSUSE 10.2 ISO images. The reason for putting out those updated ISOs is a license issue...'

  • Sun Hires Debian Founder (2007-03-19 18:30:47)
    "I'm delighted to be able to welcome a new colleague who's starting with Sun today. He is starting a newly-defined role as Chief Operating Platforms Officer at Sun..."

  • The Nuclear Option (2007-03-19 18:15:00)
    "So, despite considerable thought, I cannot name a single determined FLOSS opponent other than Microsoft. Of course I exclude patent trolls for they have no preferences and will hurt anybody if it will show them a profit."

  • ZoneMinder Digital Surveillance Systems (2007-03-19 17:50:42)
    "That's where ZoneMinder comes in. This freely available, Linux based, open source camera monitoring software can easily turn a PC into a monitoring system that compares to a $1,500+ PC based DVR."

  • Ubuntu's Migration Assistant Works (2007-03-19 17:45:24)
    The migration-assistant is designed to make it very easy for Microsoft Windows converts to jump into the Ubuntu world by automatically transferring files and settings."
    link really fixed

  • Sharepoint: Microsoft's new operating system (2007-03-19 14:30:00)
    "Sharepoint is very clearly the future of Microsoft. And, not coincidentally, it is the future of how Microsoft locks customers into its software (benevolently or malevolently - you choose)."

  • Beryl: Eye Candy For the Linux Desktop (2007-03-19 13:45:00)
    "Ever wanted to take the window open on your desktop and set it on fire? If you happen to be running Linux, you're in luck."

  • Hoosier Penguin: BrainShare: The Heart of Novell (2007-03-19 03:00:35)
    "The reason I wanted to attend BrainShare this year, specifically, was to find out for myself if Novell was really a Linux company, or if they were just talking the talk..."