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IT Management Linux News for Apr 30, 2007

  • Linux On Wall Street Is Not An Oxymoron. Or Is It? (2007-04-30 22:30:00)
    internetnews.com: "The Linux on Wall Street conference in New York is an attempt to highlight Linux and open source vendors and solutions, demonstrating and pontificating on how they all can work together..."

  • Who Can You Trust? (2007-04-30 19:30:23)
    Novell: "We've all heard the old adage, 'Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.' So it is once again with Mark Webbink's latest article in Linux Magazine 'A Matter of Trust.' Mr. Webbink, by the way, makes his living as an attorney at Red Hat..."

  • Ubuntu Lays Down the Trademark Law (2007-04-30 16:30:33)
    Linux-Watch: "Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu, announced the trademark policy in his blog on April 25..."

  • State by State, Microsoft Responds to Creeping Threat (2007-04-30 14:30:43)
    MarketWatch: "State-by-state skirmishes over open-source document formats represent the latest showdown in a long-running, and so far unsuccessful, campaign to topple Microsoft's sheer dominance of the desktop software application market..."

  • Inside the Microsoft-Novell Deal (2007-04-30 13:30:57)
    ZDNet UK: "The uproar in the open-source community caused by proprietary poster-child Microsoft's deal with Linux provider Novell shows no sign of abating..."