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IT Management Linux News for Aug 31, 2007

  • Microsoft and Open Source: Friends or Foes? (2007-08-31 20:30:50)
    Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine: "Whether it involves choice or price, freedom isn't free..."

  • Dell Silent Again After Earnings (2007-08-31 19:30:22)
    CNET News: "Dell actually beat analysts' expectations Thursday when it released the preliminary results of its earnings for the second quarter of fiscal year 2008, but again opted against the traditional follow-up conference call with company executives, investors and the media..."

  • Microsoft Still a Monopoly, 7 State Attorneys Say (2007-08-31 18:00:58)
    eWeek Channel Insider: "Seven state attorneys say key provisions of the final antitrust judgment have had little impact on competition with Microsoft..."

  • Microsoft: Linux Keeps Losing--NOT! (2007-08-31 02:15:11)
    VelocityWebDev: "There is an interesting reality that is not captured by financial analysts, Gartner, or Microsoft..."

  • Is Open Source The Stock Flavor of the Month? (2007-08-31 00:45:04)
    ZDNet: "In a bid to boost its stock price, Sun Microsystems changed its ticker symbol Monday to JAVA. The market's reaction? That's fine, kid, here's a quarter..."

  • Enterprise Unix Roundup: No More Purple Boxes (2007-08-31 00:00:27)
    ServerWatch: "Now, it seems, the days of the nifty purple chassis will be soon forgotten. Sun Microsystems took steps earlier this month toward becoming a pure software company..."