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IT Management Linux News for Oct 15, 2007

  • The GNU Hurd (2007-10-15 23:30:11)
    Linux4Coffee: "Linux was chosen as the kernel for the GNU system at a time when the GNU project had a nearly working operating system, which however lacked a working kernel"

  • Linux Patent Lawsuit is Very Bad News for Darl and Ralph (2007-10-15 22:00:11)
    IP Wars: "So with the bulk of the documentation done - and in many instances on record in the courts re SCO-vs-Novell and SCO-vs-IBM - SCO's exec's are their as easy pickings should IBM choose to take "personal" offense."

  • New CrossOver Linux improves Windows apps support (2007-10-15 21:15:11)
    Desktop Linux: "Who says you have to give up all your Windows programs to use Linux? Not CodeWeavers, with its latest version of CrossOver Linux 6.2."

  • Interview: Source Mage Devloper Jaka Kranjc (2007-10-15 20:30:11)
    MagePower: "What was it about Source Mage that made you decide to stick with it?
    The package manager is featureful, fast and mostly written in bash! As most distributions, contains all the packages I need and I don't like gui configuration tools too much (hard to get right), I judge them by their package managers. That's the real added value for me."

  • An open source moocher comes clean (2007-10-15 19:45:11)
    The Open Road: "After mooching off the open source world for 10 years and making millions, Backcountry.com finally threw the Postgres community a bone in the form of a database synching tool curiously called Bucardo."

  • Computer Forensics: Linux Style! (2007-10-15 19:07:11)
    OSWeekly: "If I was a defendant in that trial, I would insist on having Totally Connected Security as the company testing my drives, because I cannot really be sure that the code running EnCase has been reviewed by a jury of my own geeky peers."

  • FreeBSD: The best server OS (2007-10-15 17:30:11)
    Robert Green's DIY: "Linux clearly has a solid lead with desktop applications, but for server deployments and maintainability, I believe firmly in FreeBSD."

  • Ubuntu's Power Consumption Tested (2007-10-15 16:45:11)
    Phoronix: "For this article we've decided to not only deliver power benchmarks from Ubuntu 7.10 and Ubuntu 7.04 to compare the tickless kernel effect, but we have went back and retested all of the Ubuntu releases going back to Ubuntu 5.04"

  • Red Hat Global Desktop to appear in November (2007-10-15 16:00:05)
    Desktop Linux: "The really new feature in RHGD, according to Riveros, however, is that "RHGD will include legal codices for WMA (Windows Media Audio), WMV (Windows Media Video), MP3, WMS (Windows Media Streaming).""

  • eBay using Tux as a symbol for Internet fraud (2007-10-15 14:30:05)
    LinuxLookup: "eBay Australia has a fraud awareness page and a related flash game, both of which feature a depiction of a fraudster as a balding, bespectacled man with Tux, the Linux mascot, prominently displayed on his shirt. The big question is: why?"

  • 7 reasons why Ubuntu is so successful (2007-10-15 13:45:05)
    Linux4Coffee: "Most people like it, many others don't, the fact is that Ubuntu is the king of Linux distributions right now - and for some very good reasons. Below I will attempt to identify those reasons that made Ubuntu the most popular distribution and explain why its success was "inevitable"."

  • Global IT spending @ 6% of GDP: Better spent on open source (2007-10-15 13:00:05)
    The Open Road: "...the real question is why so much money is thrown away on proprietary software when it could be spent on the gift that keeps on giving: open source."

  • An Open-Source Project with a Marketing Team. Imagine That (2007-10-15 06:00:27)
    CIO: "Many open-source projects begin with a techie who has an itch to scratch. None of the existing tools do exactly what he wants, so he builds his own solution--then makes the source code available to the world at large..."