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IT Management Linux News for Mar 14, 2008

  • Red Hat Acquires Consulting Expertise--But At What Price? (2008-03-14 16:30:16)
    The VAR Guy: "Even as the open source company continues to build its channel, Red Hat today opened its wallet to acquire a middleware consulting firm that specializes in JBoss applications..."

  • Open Source Market: FOSS Getting Hot in Russia (2008-03-14 15:00:05)
    Commercial Open Source Software: "Recent interest towards FOSS from the Russian government has boosted commercial activity in this field..."

  • Navy to Focus Only on Open Systems (2008-03-14 12:00:32)
    Federal Computer Week: "The Navy will acquire only systems based on open technologies and standards..."

  • Using Java to find the needle in the DNA haystack (2008-03-14 07:00:11)
    DeveloperWorks: "Genetics databases hold extremely large amounts of raw data. The human genome alone has approximately 3 billion DNA base pairs. To search through all this data and find meaningful relationships within it, molecular biologists are depending more and more on efficient computer science string algorithms. This article introduces you to three such algorithms, all of which use dynamic programming, an advanced algorithmic technique that solves optimization problems from the bottom up by finding optimal solutions to subproblems. You'll work through Java™ implementations of these algorithms, and you'll learn about an open source Java framework for processing biological data."

  • VMware ESX 3i on HP ProLiant servers: Ballyhoo or big idea? (2008-03-14 05:30:11)
    Server Virtualization: "Last week, VMware and HP announced that at the end of March, VMware ESX 3i will be packaged on 10 models of HP ProLiant servers. So do embedded hypervisors like ESX 3i represent the next stage of the virtualization evolution?"

  • Getting started with Oracle on Oracle Unbreakable Linux (2008-03-14 04:00:11)
    Search Enterprise Linux: "As early as 1998, Oracle offered a Linux-supported version of its popular database software. Then in 2006, Oracle came out with its own enterprise-class Linux distribution, Oracle Unbreakable Linux. So what makes Oracle Linux different? "

  • Debian Mail Server Setup with Postfix + Dovecot + SASL + Squirrel Mail (2008-03-14 02:30:02)
    Debian Admin: "Dovecot is an open source IMAP and POP3 server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written with security primarily in mind. Dovecot is an excellent choice for both small and large installations. It’s fast, simple to set up, requires no special administration and it uses very little memory."

  • Creative Commons Releases Free Content/Software with LiveContent DVD (2008-03-14 01:00:02)
    Fanatic Attack: "The CC content on the DVD includes text, audio, video, image and educational resources. The files have a CC license associated with them, which tells you how you can use the content. Some content only requires attribution while other files’ licenses may require attribution as well as the requirement to use the content verbatim with no derivative works based upon it."