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IT Management Linux News for Mar 28, 2008

  • Panel: Weakening Economy Good for Open Source (2008-03-28 21:00:39)
    eWeek: "The absence of money is a big catalyst for innovation, particularly around open-source solutions, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth said..."

  • SFLC Announces a For-Profit, Open-Source Law Firm (2008-03-28 16:30:47)
    Linux-Watch: "This New York City-based law firm will represent select for-profit clients that support open software but aren't otherwise eligible for SFLC's pro bono services..."

  • Red Hat, First Open Source Vendor to $1 Billion? (2008-03-28 13:30:20)
    internetnews.com: "To date, Red Hat has been one of the most financially successful Open Source vendors on Earth. The goal now though is to grow even more to hit a new financial milestone--$1 billion in revenue..."

  • Open Source Business Conference: Great, We Won. So What Did We Win? (2008-03-28 01:30:36)
    VentureBeat: "Open source has gone mainstream, but now what...?"

  • Microsoft: More Open, More Barriers (2008-03-28 00:00:20)
    tecosystems: "...I don't think it's entirely naive to hope that Andi is correct when he says 'I believe Microsoft has finally understood that their closed nature has significantly hindered the growth of their eco-system.' It's optimistic, perhaps, but not naive. Or at least not entirely so..."