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IT Management Linux News for Jul 22, 2008

  • Verizon Shuns Android for LiMo (Jul 22, 2008, 23:15)
    the Register: "Sometime next year, Verizon will roll out a Linux OS as the "preferred operating system" for phones on its US wireless network. And that Linux OS is not Google Android."

  • Are VM Environments Open to Attack? (Jul 22, 2008, 21:45)
    LinuxInsider: "Another potential security pothole lies in some virtual machines' ability to "hide" from security departments since they are not always on. Thus, security network scans often miss insecure virtual servers since they must be up and running during the scan in order to be noticed."

  • Don't Forget UOF: Here Comes EIOffice 2009 (Jul 22, 2008, 19:50)
    Standards Blog: "Long time followers of the ODF-OOXML story will recall that there is a third editable, XML-based document format in the race to create the documentary record of history. That contender is called UOF - for Uniform Office Format, and it has been under development in China since 2002, although I first heard and wrote about it back in November of 2006. Last summer, UOF was adopted as a Chinese National Standard, and last Friday the first complete office suite based upon UOF was released. It's called Evermore Integrated Office 2009 (EIOffice 2009 for short), and here's the story."

  • Charms and Dangers of Harry Potter's World (Jul 22, 2008, 18:00)
    Legal World and Childhood Dreams: "Protest websites, as the name suggests, are those websites that point out some shortcoming about a service or product. They are typically formed by adding the words ‘sucks’ with the name of the service or product. This means that they use the name of that service and product also. It is not their trade mark. Are they entitled to use it?"

  • Man vs. Myth: Greg Kroah-Hartman and the Kernel Driver Project (Jul 22, 2008, 16:30)
    Linux Journal: " "Linux supports more different types of devices than any other operating system ever has in the history of computing.""

  • SFLC Keeps on the GPL Case: Sues Extreme Networks (Jul 22, 2008, 12:45)
    Practical Technology: "You’d think the electronics vendors who keep breaking the GPL by using the BusyBox Unix utilities would finally learn that they can’t get away with it. It doesn’t look like they have though. This time the SFLC (Software Freedom Law Center) is taking on Extreme Networks, a major network hardware provider."

  • In Linux security, apply principle of least privilege (Jul 22, 2008, 12:00)
    SearchEnterpriseLinux: "Linux security may seem daunting, but there are a host of best practices to simplify the maze. Recently, Steve Grubb of Red Hat Inc. outlined some important security principles, including minimizing admin access, the increasing sophistication of SELinux and the importance of auditing systems."

  • Linux Gets Improved IPv6 Multihoming Support (Jul 22, 2008, 08:00)
    INL: IP Networking Lab: "The Internet architecture was designed in the 1970s as a small internetwork to serve the needs of researchers. For the last 30 years, the Internet continued to grow and we are now getting close to hitting the limits of the 32 bits IPv4 addressing space. During the last decade, the Internet Engineering Task Force has been designing IPv6 as a replacement for IPv4. Most of the initial benefits of IPv6 (security, QoS, autoconfiguration, ...) have been ported to IPv4 and IPv6 deployment has been limited."

  • Up or Out: Where Are IT Jobs Headed? (Jul 22, 2008, 03:30)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "We often hear, "all roads lead to management." While that certainly isn't true for everyone, it becomes a stark reality when a long-time techie decides to move up the corporate ladder. Businesses are also less dependent on some IT services, and to remain competitive or even employable, employees need to become more business-aware. As a result, it is increasingly more common to see hard-core techies venturing out to acquire an MBA. They aren't jumping the IT ship; in fact, they're becoming more competitive in the IT world."

  • Options and Tools For Users (Jul 22, 2008, 02:00)
    OStatic: "While you may have heard of, there are some lesser-known forks and some handy tools that you might not know about. Let's take a look."