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IT Management Linux News for Aug 19, 2008

  • Tip of the Trade: Nagios Plugins (2008-08-19 22:04:31)
    ServerWatch: "The excellent open-source monitoring software Nagios is set up to use plugins to do the actual work of checking services. Here are some useful plugins from the official plugin site and an unofficial plugin collection."

  • Open Source: An Open Question for Red Hat and Others (2008-08-19 20:34:31)
    Business Week: "Only a handful of open-source acquisitions the last two years have netted investors at least 10 times their money."

  • Lots of Foot-Dragging on IPv6 (2008-08-19 17:34:31)
    Internet News: "The IPv4 address space is near exhaustion, yet a new report claims that traffic on the modernized IPv6 (define) protocol is slow and migration to the newer address spaces is sluggish."

  • OpenSolaris: a Linux Admin's View (2008-08-19 16:34:31)
    Linux Format: "Sun is battling hard to break into the open source operating system world with OpenSolaris. Juliet Kemp takes it for a test-drive, sampling its unique features and seeing how it fares against Linux."

  • The Brampton Factor: Analysts Fail on Open Source (2008-08-19 15:34:31)
    IT Pro: "For open source software to achieve its full potential, people's perceptions must change. Yet how can that happen when open source is so woefully neglected by analysts, asks Martin Brampton."

  • 42 of the Best Free Linux Scientific Software (2008-08-19 14:04:31)
    Linux Links: "To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have compiled a list of 42 high quality Linux scientific applications, covering a broad spectrum of uses. There's a mix of graphical and console based applications included. Hopefully, there will be something of interest for all types of users."
    Link fixed-- ed.

  • Grokking SCO's Demise (2008-08-19 12:04:31)
    PC World: "Did Groklaw really have an impact on those court cases? Naaah."

  • Transparency is Just as Important (2008-08-19 06:34:31)
    Linux Journal: "One of the advantages, touted by the Open Source community is that you can read the source code and make changes to it if you need to. Now to be honest, how many of us even bother to look at the source code?"

  • A Storm In The Computing World: Stormy Peters (2008-08-19 04:14:31)
    EFY Times: "Proprietary solutions like drivers and codec aren't just a problem for the free and open source software community they are also a problem for users. Our ability to innovate and offer new solutions for users is often held up by proprietary solutions."

  • The Fedora Project Announces Fedora Scholarship (2008-08-19 02:34:31)
    EFY Times: "Helping develop and foster up and coming talent in the open source software field, the Fedora Project, a Red Hat sponsored and community-supported open source collaboration, has announced the newly created Fedora Scholarship programme."

  • PC Giant Lenovo Set to Launch Linux Servers (2008-08-19 02:04:31)
    The VAR Guy: "Lenovo is leaping from the desktop into the server market, and will launch its first Linux and Windows servers this September."

  • Take a Closer Look at OpenBSD 4.3 (2008-08-19 00:32:31)
    IBM Developerworks: "OpenBSD's motto—"free, functional, and secure"—says it all. In its default configuration, OpenBSD has proven one of the most secure operating systems available. Its recent version 4.3 release continues in that tradition."