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IT Management Linux News for Aug 20, 2008

  • Networking 101: Understanding the Data Link Layer (2008-08-20 23:04:17)
    LinuxPlanet: "What's more important than IP and routing? Well, Layer 2 is much more important when it's broken."
    Link fixed-- ed.

  • The Downside of Mobility: Injury (2008-08-20 22:04:17)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "As publicly accessible Wi-Fi access points come to more and more coffee shops, libraries, and other venues, people are using laptops in environments that compromise comfort and often precipitate pain. That's because on a notebook computer, the monitor and keyboard can't be independently positioned."

  • The Dell Ubuntu-powered Mini-Notebook is on its way (2008-08-20 19:04:17)
    Practical Technology: "...It's worth noting that Ubuntu Linux is actually friendlier with Windows-based business networks than XP Home, which is limited to peer-to-peer networking. So, if you're thinking about using the Inspiron 910 for office use, you'll actually want to use Ubuntu."

  • VMware Rated Amongst Top Five Vendors (2008-08-20 18:04:17)
    EFY Times: ""LinuxWorld attendees may seem like a tough crowd for vendors to please, but they are quite willing to compliment a vendor they feel is doing a good job.""

  • Success Story: Ubuntu amd64 on a HP Pavilion dv2940se (2008-08-20 17:34:17)
    LinLap: "Who says that Linux isn't ready for the Desktop? I successfully installed Ubuntu amd64 Desktop Edition on my brand new HP pavilion dv2940se laptop. The result? Almost everything worked from scratch..."

  • Microsoft Invests $100 Million More in Novell (2008-08-20 15:04:17)
    Network World: "However, Novell has only invoiced $156 million of Microsoft's original $240 million certificate purchase, leaving 35% of the funds still unused."

  • Would a VMware Acquisition of Red Hat Go Anywhere? (2008-08-20 13:04:17)
    OStatic: "While both companies have declined to comment, the prospect could make a lot of sense for VMware for several reasons."