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IT Management Linux News for Aug 28, 2008

  • Local User Management in FreeNAS (2008-08-28 22:31:17)
    Packt: "In general, once the FreeNAS server is configured and running, it doesn't really need much attention, it should just work. However, there are lots of different features which can be configured. In this article by Gary Sims, we will see how user management is done in FreeNAS."

  • Running A File- And Print-Server With eBox On Ubuntu 8.04 Server (2008-08-28 21:31:17)
    HowtoForge: "This article shows how to run a file- and print-server for small and medium enterprises (SME) on one single Ubuntu 8.04 server. It is very easy to set up, and management is done with an easy-to-use web interface called eBox so once the system is set up, you can forget about the command line. eBox was developed to administrate advanced services for corporate networks."

  • This is the Year of the Linux Desktop Breakout (2008-08-28 18:31:17)
    Zemlin's Blog: "Declaring victory for the Linux desktop at the end of the day will based upon looking at market penetration of Linux based clients vs. Windows and other operating systems. I believe this is still the best measure but we may finally be able to declare this year the breakout of the Linux desktop."

  • Cisco's Buyout of PostPath: It Ain't About Microsoft (2008-08-28 17:31:17)
    The VAR Guy: "Cisco's $215 million acquisition of PostPath, for instance, speaks volumes about where John Chambers is taking the networking giant. Some folks say it's a direct attack against Microsoft Exchange."

  • Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts (2008-08-28 15:31:17)
    Computerworld UK: "On it was a differentiation between proprietary software; free software and open source software. Naturally I asked the presenter for clarification of the terms as I was a little confused. He was unable to clarify..."

  • How Windows Vista is Turning People to Linux (2008-08-28 15:01:17)
    IT Wire: "One reason for this is, with equal certainty, the mess that is Windows Vista. Here's how it's actively driving new interest in Linux."

  • New Low-Cost Ubuntu Linux-Equipped Dell PCs and Laptops Arriving (2008-08-28 13:01:17)
    Practical Technology: "While we’re still waiting for Dell to roll-out its Inspiron 910 mini-notebook, Dell had just announced, on August 27th, that it is now selling two more desktops and two more laptops that will come pre-installed with Ubuntu 8.04."

  • Cisco Buys PostPath, Targets Microsoft Exchange (2008-08-28 12:01:17)
    Linux.com: "PostPath is best known as a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange. Unlike other would-be Exchange competitors Scalix and Lotus Domino/Notes, which use a Outlook-compatible Mail Application Programming Interface (MAPI) on the client PC, PostPath actually reverse-engineered Microsoft's MAPI and Active Directory (AD) protocols. This means that, from the network and Windows PC's viewpoint, PostPath actually appears to be an Exchange server."

  • Three Ways That Open Source Could Benefit from Business 101 (2008-08-28 10:31:17)
    OStatic: ""...Open source does not need consolidation. Open source needs product managers." Product managers, of course, drive improvements in commercial and proprietary software products, and listen carefully to what businesses need."

  • Linux Portal Reimbursed User for MS Windows License from Lenovo (2008-08-28 01:31:00)
    AbcLinuxu.cz: "Lenovo ČR required a non-disclosure agreement to be signed that would cover the entire negotiations with the company and its results for the compensation to be effected."

  • 10 Things You Should Know About Networking Two Buildings (2008-08-28 00:31:17)
    TechRepublic: "#1: Wireless may not be the best solution...."