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IT Management Linux News for Aug 29, 2008

  • Lenovo Demands Vow of Silence From Windows Wantaway (2008-08-29 21:33:02)
    PC Pro: "Lenovo has allegedly asked a Linux fan to sign a non-disclosure agreement before giving him a refund on his unwanted Windows licence."

  • Automatic Backup for Sporadically Connected Clients With Box Backup (2008-08-29 20:45:26)
    Linux.com: "If you're a frequent business traveler who keeps important company files on your laptop, using a centralized management solution to back up files automatically during a fixed time interval won't work. Instead, consider Box Backup, which backs up files from a laptop directly to a backup server over an encrypted link."

  • The Joys of xargs (2008-08-29 20:33:02)
    LinuxPlanet: "Explore the incredibly useful xargs command. It takes in input and executes your chosen command on it. Deceptively simple in concept; extremely powerful in execution. Here we'll look at xargs with find, and then at some other possibilities."

  • Acer: Aspire One HSDPA Support is Imminent (2008-08-29 18:33:02)
    Register Hardware: "Owners of Acer's Aspire One mini laptop will soon get the USB 3G modem support so many of them have been crying out for without having to replace Linux with Windows XP."

  • Reader Feedback and Linux Distros (2008-08-29 18:03:02)
    Gearhead: "That's one of the interesting things about the various Linux distros; many of them have terrific features but they also come with problems and flaws that require further development or workarounds."

  • SCO's Motion to Give Stock Options to 4 Executives (2008-08-29 17:03:02)
    Groklaw: "It's comforting to know there are still people on earth who still want SCO stock."

  • Cutting Deals With Redmond (2008-08-29 16:33:02)
    ServerWatch: "And that means Microsoft is effectively subsidizing SLES by making support cheaper for Novell's customers than it would otherwise be and giving SLES a competitive advantage against Red Hat"

  • IT Workers Hit Hardest by Offshore Outsourcing, Survey Finds (2008-08-29 15:33:02)
    Computerworld: "As many as 8% of IT workers have been displaced by offshore outsourcing, either through job loss or an involuntary transfer to a new job by their employer, which is twice the rate of workers in other occupations."

  • R.I.P. Exchange? (2008-08-29 14:03:02)
    Cyber Cynic: "Open-source groupware servers, like Scalix, Open-Xchange and Zimbra have been trying to replace Exchange for years. Some of them are quite good, but none, including PostPath, have really caught on. Things are going to be different now."

  • Dell Unveils New Vostros With Ubuntu (2008-08-29 13:02:27)
    Tom's Hardware: "On Wednesday morning Dell announced two new entry-level Vostro laptops and two new entry-level desktops featuring a choice of Ubuntu or Windows Vista."

  • Why is GNU Software Better Than Proprietary Software? (2008-08-29 12:02:27)
    Complete Dose of Linux Poison: "Proprietary software is often looked down upon in the free software world for many reasons:"

  • Open Source: What You Should Learn From The French (2008-08-29 11:32:27)
    InfoWorld: "A decade ago, European countries leapt out of the gate to take the lead in the radical open source movement -- none more so than France -- and left U.S. developers in the proverbial dust."

  • Linux Jumps to 13.4 Percent of the Stalling Server Market (2008-08-29 10:02:27)
    The Open Road: "If Linux server vendors want to continue to grow, at some point they're going to have to come to grips with Windows, rather than eating into the low-hanging Unix fruit."

  • Things You Should Never EVER Type in Linux. Ever! (2008-08-29 00:02:27)
    ArsGeek: "Let’s start with commands that delete things that probably shouldn’t be deleted, shall we?"