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IT Management Linux News for Oct 01, 2008

  • Networking 101: Who Governs the Internet? (2008-10-01 23:35:13)
    LinuxPlanet: "ICANN, IANA, IETF, ISOC, IAB, IRTF, SRS, NSI, RIR, NSO-- who or what are these, and what do they have to with what you can do with the Internet? Charlie Schluting explains the roles of the many organizations and governing bodies that operate behind the scenes."

  • On-line Applications "Just Work"; Why Worry About the Freedom of the Licence? (2008-10-01 22:05:13)
    Free Software Magazine: "Firstly let's talk about trust. How much do you trust Google or any other online service provider?"

  • Open Source Software a Booster Shot for Health Care? (2008-10-01 18:35:13)
    OStatic: "The Health-e Information Technology Act of 2008 offers incentives for health care providers to move to an open, shared platform for health records."

  • Ubuntu Server: Canonical's Third Way to the Enterprise (2008-10-01 16:05:13)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "But Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, also offers a server version of the software, and this raises an obvious question: Do you really want to be running cheap and cheerful server software at the heart of your enterprise?"

  • Does Using GMail Mean You're Stupid? (2008-10-01 15:35:13)
    Tech Treasures: "I was surprised by this response because as the economy worsens, it seems to me the Cloud is actually a safe haven where you can continue to operate without worrying about expensive infrastructure investments. On a consumer level it gives you access to free web-based apps like GMail..."

  • Ubuntu: Not A Small Business Server Replacement (Yet) (2008-10-01 14:35:13)
    Works With U: "One market that Ubuntu has yet to crack is that of the SoHo server. Millions of office workers all over the world send email via, print through and save documents to a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server. But is Ubuntu ready to compete head-on against SBS? The current answer may not thrill Ubuntu fans."

  • A New Event for the Community (2008-10-01 12:35:13)
    Linux Developer Network: "So who will benefit from LinuxCon? A group that, in my opinion, has been a bit underserved by the "big" conferences: the Linux community itself."