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IT Management Linux News for Oct 21, 2008

  • Who Are The Real Friends of Linux and Free Software? Or, Linux Is Still a Dirty Word (2008-10-21 23:02:13)
    Linux Today Blog: "Ken stepped up to the mike at the panel discussion and asked a simple question that visibly discomfited the panel: "My customers can turn on their cable television and in 30 minutes watch five Microsoft Windows commercials. When are IBM and HP going to put the same things on? When are my customers going to be able to see about Linux? Television and radio legitimize the product.""

  • How Much Have You Saved by Using GNU/Linux? (2008-10-21 22:32:13)
    IT Wire: "At a time when economic problems dog the world, people's thoughts generally turn to saving. It is not surprising, therefore, to find many technology writers beginning to recognise that GNU/Linux and other open source software can reduce the amount that companies spend on IT."

  • Why OpenOffice.org Failed -- and What to Do About It (2008-10-21 18:46:13)
    Open Enterprise: "Last week I noted that the release of OpenOffice.org 3.0 seems to mark an important milestone in its adoption, judging at least by the healthy -- and continuing -- rate of downloads. But in many ways, success teaches us nothing; what is far more revealing is failure."

  • Microsoft's New "Global Anti-Piracy Day" Must Have Linux Users Laughing (2008-10-21 18:32:13)
    IT Wire: "Ahoy there me timbers, if ye be piratin' Microsoft software, then ye better start shiverin' and be warned: Microsoft is comin' out to make software pirates walk the plank, in a co-ordinated global effort across 49 countries in six continents to "combat the sophisticated, illegal trade of pirated and counterfeit software"."

  • Canonical Expanding Online Store for Ubuntu Applications (2008-10-21 16:02:13)
    The VAR Guy: "Businesses don't buy operating systems. They buy applications. With that fact in mind, Canonical is gradually expanding its online store for Ubuntu Linux applications. It's a smart move..."

  • How to Network Vista, XP, Linux and OS X (2008-10-21 14:32:13)
    Tech Radar: "Linux and OS X are traditionally seen as isolated from Windows for this reason. However, this is no longer the case. Read on to find out how to configure Linux, OS X and Windows to freely share each other's resources, and in some cases, even log into each other."

  • Microsoft Exec Touts Mixed Source Ventures (2008-10-21 14:02:13)
    IT World: "We've learned over the last five years that using the portfolio to enable deep interoperability collaboration discussions, for example, is one of the clearest ways in which we can bring value and we've had a whole range of successes in that area."

  • Memory Lane: Microsoft Blames Red Hat For Not Making Linux Popular Enough (2008-10-21 10:32:13)
    The Open Road: "Microsoft's complaint? Red Hat wasn't a good enough competitor and hadn't done enough to make Linux popular..."

  • Updating Your System: GNU/Linux 5, Windows 0 (2008-10-21 03:02:13)
    Free Software Magazine: "Here, in no particular order, are five ways that choosing a free operating system will make system maintenance a lot easier and simpler. In short they are ways that -- when it comes to system updates -- GNU/Linux beats Windows."

  • Automated Daily Host UP/Down Report for Management using Nagios and Python. (2008-10-21 00:32:13)
    Linux Dynasty: "I had to create a script that will output every host that has went down in the past day and how many times that host went down and at what times did that host go down and when it came back up in a nice readable format ( Executives who do not know what they are looking at ). Now this is the first release of my script..."