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IT Management Linux News for Oct 24, 2008

  • Check Your Disks' Health With GSmartControl (2008-10-24 21:33:17)
    Linux.com: "GSmartControl presents your hard drive SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) health information in a graphical display. With GSmartControl you no longer have to fish around in /dev/disk/by-id to find the drive you're interested in and then inspect the output of smartctl trying to figure out which SMART attributes have values that you should care about."

  • Top 10 Open Source CMS Systems (2008-10-24 19:03:17)
    Intranet Journal: "These days, much of the world of open source has turned squarely toward using open source content management systems (CMS) to better manage the needs of today's enterprise and small business. In this article, I will be examining some of the most compelling CMS-based solutions that do not involve Drupal or WordPress."

  • Seven Ways that GNU/Linux Tops Vista (2008-10-24 15:33:17)
    Datamation: "In fact, in many ways, GNU/Linux is more than a match for Windows Vista. In some cases, Vista can equal GNU/Linux if you are willing to delve deeply into the registry or install additional software, but here are seven ways that GNU/Linux outperforms Vista on first boot."

  • Van Dam Iron Works Vacillates Between Linux and Windows (2008-10-24 13:03:17)
    Linux.com: "When Ben Rousch joined Van Dam Iron Works close to a decade ago, it didn't take him long to move off a proprietary network operating system and start experimenting with a Linux server. He changed horses again, to a Windows server, but today Van Dam is back in the Linux fold -- lesson learned."

  • *All* Russian Schools to Use Free Software (2008-10-24 12:03:17)
    Open Enterprise: "I've often lamented how few schools in the UK use free software, and how difficult it is to break the lock that Microsoft has on the entire educational system. The pathetic state here is highlighted by contrast with Russia, which is making amazing strides in rolling out open source to schools."