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IT Management Linux News for Oct 27, 2008

  • Mark Shuttleworth and the Grand Linux Vision (2008-10-27 23:03:45)
    Linux Today Blog: "Mr. Shuttleworth seems to see Linux as a launch pad for all kinds of useful tools and activities. Not a prefab path to riches (all that free code!), nor the biggest free candy store on the planet (free as in freeloader, mine all mine!), nor even a way to lock in the suckers and then make them pay and pay and pay, but a platform for building cool productive tools for everyone."

  • Installing and Configuring Openfiler with DRBD and Heartbeat (2008-10-27 21:03:45)
    HowtoForge: "Openfiler is a high performance operating system tailored for use as a SAN/NAS appliance. This configuration will enable two Openfiler appliances to work in an Active/Passive high availability scenario."

  • "I Don't Think Anyone Can Make Money From the Linux Desktop" (2008-10-27 19:47:45)
    Cyber Cynic: "A popular question in desktop circles is "Can anyone make money from the Linux desktop?" Canonical CEO and Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth's answer is "I don't think anyone can make money from the Linux desktop.""

  • Australia Customers Demand Linux Netbooks (2008-10-27 16:48:43)
    The VAR Guy: "Roughly 30 percent of Netbook sales in Melbourne — Australia’s second-largest city — involve customers requesting Linux rather than Windows, according to Geek Central, a fast-growing solution provider that serves the region."

  • How to Add Ubuntu 8.04 to Win Server 2003 Active Directory Domain (2008-10-27 15:33:45)
    Ubuntu Geek: "This tutorial will explain how to add Ubuntu 8.04 desktop to win server 2003 Active Directory.We are going to use Likewise Open.Likewise Open is a free, open source application that joins Linux, Unix, and Mac machines to Microsoft Active Directory and securely authenticates users with their domain."

  • MS Makes Mockery of Interoperability (2008-10-27 14:03:45)
    IT Web: "License free code from us, or we'll sue, says Microsoft's IP lawyer."

  • JBoss Building New Community Site with Magnolia (2008-10-27 06:03:45)
    InternetNews: "With all the skills that Red Hat has, you'd think they could build a community site on their own... they can't."

  • Configuring Storage in FreeNAS (2008-10-27 04:03:45)
    Linux.com: "The essence of the FreeNAS server is to provide storage that is easily accessible from the network. To this end, it is important to understand how FreeNAS handles hard disks and how they can be configured and used to provide the best and most reliable storage for your network."