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IT Management Linux News for Oct 28, 2008

  • Tip of the Trade: Memopal Online Backup (2008-10-28 20:32:23)
    ServerWatch: "Memopal recently released a version of its software for Linux, offering an online backup service for either personal or business users. The business service allows multiuser access, so it can act as a filesharing as well as a backup service. You can get a free trial access for 7 days, but after that it's (unsurprisingly!) a paid-for service."

  • Ubuntu's Rising Revenue Makes a Small Dent in Microsoft (2008-10-28 16:02:23)
    The Open Road: "Microsoft may not be exactly suffering right now, but as The VAR Guy notes, Ubuntu's success in the netbook market is having a material, albeit still small, effect on Microsoft's pricing power and profits."

  • Ubuntu: Vendors Need to Step Up (2008-10-28 13:02:23)
    The Register: "Chris Kenyon, head of OEM services at Canonical, is attempting to get IT vendors to show that Ubuntu is compatible with their computers and to get them certified as supporting Ubuntu in specific configurations. The holy grail for any operating system distributor is to take the next step and have the operating system preconfigured and preloaded on machinery and sold through the direct and reseller channels of the major IT players."

  • Alleged Israeli GPL Violation Settled Out of Court (2008-10-28 12:02:23)
    Linux.com: "After two years of litigation, the parties involved in an Israeli law suit that centered on the validity of the GNU General Public License (GPL) have settled out of court. The result leaves the legal status of the GPL in Israel unresolved."

  • The Value of Freedom: Linux Kernel Worth $1.4 Billion (2008-10-28 06:02:23)
    LinuxPlanet: "A Linux Foundation study attempts to calculate the value of the Linux kernel and Linux distributions, and comes to the conclusion that free as in freedom is mighty valuable."