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IT Management Linux News for Nov 15, 2008

  • Sun Microsystems Slashes Jobs in Survival Fight (2008-11-15 22:02:55)
    Wired News: "The economic downturn might be pushing Sun Microsystems Inc., one of the storied names in computing, to the brink of extinction."

  • How To Back Up An Ubuntu 8.10 System With SystemImager (2008-11-15 20:02:55)
    HowtoForge: "SystemImager lets you create images of your Linux installations. To do so, you need an image server (should have enough disk space to store your images) and a so-called golden client (i.e., the system of which you want to make an image). This means that you have to install some software on your image server and on your golden client in order to run SystemImager."

  • OLPC and Windows (2008-11-15 14:02:55)
    LiveJournal: "2. The reason these 10,000 systems had to be customized? Simple: Windows can't even boot on open firmware. Can't even boot! Which means that the other 990,000 XO (or so) systems in the wild CANNOT EVEN RUN WINDOWS with the firmware installed on them."

  • Share This: The Internet is a Right (2008-11-15 10:02:55)
    Linux Journal: "Alas, things have changed much since then, at least as far as the Internet is concerned. In the light of recent events, now he would we have to say: they order this matter worse in France. Even more unfortunately, France's bad habits are spreading, and could have serious consequences for free software."

  • Editor's Note: High-Tech Masquerades Perversion as Science (2008-11-15 00:02:55)
    But a lot of things still have shaking my head in wonderment. The biggest one is the tech industry's enthusiastic glee for Peeping Tom-ery. It's like a perversion, an insatiable, pathological need to snoop and pry where, according to ordinary courtesy and respect, they have no business going.