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IT Management Linux News for Nov 17, 2008

  • Kindle Economics (2008-11-17 21:31:44)
    Tech Broiler: "At what point, however, do consumers start ditching their dead-tree books for e-books? And how many books do you actually have to read per year in order for the convenience factor of the Kindle — its light weight, its ability to store hundreds of books in its memory, and the instant gratification of being able to download books via the Amazon Whispernet EVDO Sprint network -- to outweigh its costs?"

  • Giving Thanks to Linux and Open Source (2008-11-17 19:01:44)
    Linux Magazine: "I'm going to be doing my turkey Puerto Rican style -- Pavochon Ahumada rubbed with garlic adobo and smoked over hardwood for several hours on my Weber Bullet, ditching the stuffing for Arroz con Gandules, and am giving thanks to a different bird -- the Penguin, and everyone who made him possible."

  • Gartner's FUD (2008-11-17 16:31:44)
    Open Enterprise: "But wait, trust Gartner to find a cloud in every silver lining for open source: "This could open up "huge potential liabilities for intellectual-property violations," it warned."

  • What's Next For Linux? Unifying The OS Amid Steady Change (2008-11-17 16:01:44)
    InformationWeek: "What's next for linux? There's no simple answer because Linux isn't a single entity but a galaxy of implementations and possibilities. The Linux kernel--version, to be precise--is at the center of it all, with the operating system continuously morphing into new shapes."

  • Dell Continues Newspaper Ads Featuring Ubuntu Linux Laptops (2008-11-17 15:31:44)
    The VAR Guy: "The VAR Guy hears Microsoft "has gone postal" over the Linux notebook ads. You might even say this is Microsoft's nightmare before Christmas."

  • Linux Makes the Grade (2008-11-17 14:31:44)
    Techlearning: "In 2001, Indiana officials at the Department of Education were taking stock. The schools had an excellent network infrastructure and had installed significant numbers of computers for 1 million public school enrollees. Yet students were spending less than an hour a week on the computer. Why?"

  • Sun: Dead Company Walking? (2008-11-17 13:31:44)
    Cyber Cynic: "On the other hand, for ages the company kept going back and forth on such fundamental questions as: "Are we a hardware or software company?" And, "Are we a proprietary or open-source software company?""

  • Linux-Hater's Blog, Considered (2008-11-17 13:01:44)
    Armed and Dangerous: "So I was actually pleased to learn of the existence of Linux-Hater's Blog. I rather looked forward to winnowing through it for nuggets with which I could shock the more fanboyish members of my community by agreeing."