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IT Management Linux News for Nov 18, 2008

  • Open Letter: Independent Conformance Testing Needed for ODF and OOXML (2008-11-18 23:35:53)
    ruminations on the digital realm: "She sees the need for independent testing in order to make sure governments and their citizens don't head into a new vendor-lock, this time as a result of poor implementation of open standards."

  • Unemployed? Five Reasons to Build Your Resume With FOSS Contributions (2008-11-18 22:35:53)
    Community, Incorporated: "If that's the case, shouldn't we be expecting a "Golden Age" for open source, with all the idle programmers and IT folks at home with time on their hands? I can think of several reasons why unemployed IT folks should consider digging into an open source project over catching up on their soaps in the interim:"

  • Q&A: Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (2008-11-18 19:35:53)
    PC Authority: "Free software means software that respects users' freedom. More specifically it means you as a user have these four essential freedoms:"

  • Record Labels to Sue Vuze, Limewire and SourceForge (2008-11-18 19:05:53)
    TorrentFreak: "French record labels have received the green light to sue four US-based companies that develop P2P applications, including the BitTorrent client Vuze, Limewire and Morpheus. Shareaza is the fourth application, for which the labels are going after the open source development platform SourceForge."

  • Red Hat, Inc.'s Matthew Szulik Named Entrepreneur Of The Year (2008-11-18 17:35:53)
    MarketWatch: "Szulik was recognized for turning Red Hat from what some called a questionable idea into a billion-dollar business. "Matthew Szulik follows a proud tradition of pioneering entrepreneurs who overcame skeptics and brought a novel, seemingly improbable business idea to market successfully..."

  • From Windows Capable to the Linux Laptop (2008-11-18 17:05:53)
    ZDNet: "I think you can draw a straight line from the Vista Capable brouhaha to recent introductions of laptop Linux by HP and Dell, once Microsoft's most loyal OEMs."

  • Business vs. FOSS: Six Pressure Points (2008-11-18 16:05:53)
    Datamation: "The question of whether business can co-exist with free and open source software (FOSS) was settled long ago. It can, and not only successful companies like Red Hat but also the willingness of venture capitalists to fund FOSS business models proves the case."

  • Time To Step Up, Steve (2008-11-18 13:35:53)
    Datamation: "What did Ballmer know and when did he know it? That's arguably the biggest question in the Microsoft "Vista Capable" class-action lawsuit being heard by a federal judge in a Seattle court."

  • Norway Pledges Funds for Government Open Source Usage (2008-11-18 07:35:53)
    OStatic: "Norway has become the the latest country to pledge funds for public sector use of open source software. Minister of Government Adminstration and Reform Heidi Grande Roeys is granting 2 million kroner ($285,000) to the national center for free software, and the terms of the deal are interesting."

  • Now You Can Have Linux And Active Directory Too (2008-11-18 02:35:53)
    Ken Hess's Linux Blog: "...now you can learn how to do it straight from the source at Microsoft's TechNet site in the article: Authenticate Linux Clients with Active Directory."