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IT Management Linux News for Nov 19, 2008

  • The Green Penguin - Where Does Your E-Waste Go? (2008-11-19 22:33:25)
    Linux Journal: "What happens frequently is that a less-than-reputable outfit will pack your e-junk onto a container and ship it off to a developing country with lax environmental and labor laws, where it will wreak havoc on the environment and poor people."

  • Will Flash Ever Be a Standard? (2008-11-19 21:03:25)
    Linux Developer Network: "Yesterday, I caught wind of some good news. It was the kind of good news that is immediately good for me and ultimately good for Linux. It was announced by MLB Advanced Media, major league baseball's online division, that video on MLB.com would no longer be delivered via Microsoft's Silverlight format but instead with Adobe Flash technology."

  • Patent Hassles for OpenMoko (2008-11-19 20:03:25)
    LWN: "When users asked about what was going on, the answer that came back was: "The short story is that we are in a protracted battle with some patent trolls. Google for Sisvel."

  • Microsoft, Novell See Profits in Partnership (2008-11-19 19:03:25)
    InternetNews: "Two years ago, Microsoft and Novell inked a landmark deal on patents and Linux-to-Windows interoperability. According to Microsoft and Novell, it's a deal that has shown dramatic momentum in its second year, with a triple digit percentage increase in customers for a total tally of more than 200 customers."

  • Should You Use Twice the Amount of Ram as Swap Space? (2008-11-19 17:16:25)
    NixCraft: "Now, many admins (both Windows and Linux/UNIX) follow an old rule of thumb that your swap partition should be twice the size of your main system RAM. Let us say I've 32GB RAM, should I set swap space to 64 GB? Is 64 GB of swap space really required? How big should your Linux / UNIX swap space be?"

  • Liability for Software When Life is at Stake (2008-11-19 17:03:25)
    BoycottNovell: "With roughly 320,000,000 zombie PCs out there, how can any sane person put Windows in mission-critical settings like a hospital? Well, that's just what some people do."

  • Dell and Staples Launch Computer Recycling Program (2008-11-19 15:33:25)
    Direct2Dell: "Beginning today, any Dell-branded equipment can be dropped off for recycling at any of 1500 Staples stores in the United States for free recycling."
    Link fixed--ed.

  • The Linux Licensing Labyrinth (2008-11-19 15:03:25)
    LinuxInsider: "The land of open source software is awash in an often confusing array of various licenses and rules regarding what is and is not allowed once someone has written a piece of code. It's enough to scare some vendors away from FOSS altogether, and that can be a problem when it comes to creating open source drivers. Fortunately, some vendors are coming around."

  • Novell Releases GroupWise 8 (2008-11-19 13:33:25)
    ZDNet: "Novell has released a new version of GroupWise, its answer to Microsoft's ubiquitious Outlook/Exchange collaboration suite."

  • The Microsoft-Novell Linux deal: Two years later (2008-11-19 12:33:25)
    InfoWorld: "Two years ago this month, Microsoft forged its controversial partnership with Novell that, among other things, had the two companies agreeing not to sue each other over intellectual property issues, in part to protect Suse Linux users over any patent litigation from Microsoft."

  • Open Source Business Cluster Launched in New South Wales (2008-11-19 07:03:25)
    IT Wire: "Headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, an Open Source Business Cluster was announced. The aim of the cluster is to more effectively market, deliver and provide support for Open Source technology to business and government agencies."

  • Zeroshell Delivers Big Network Services in a Small Package (2008-11-19 02:33:25)
    LinuxPlanet: "What gives you a firewall, load-balancing, QoS, 3G support, RADIUS, wireless access point, HTTP proxy, VPN, VLAN, PPPoE, captive portal, and a host of other useful security, authentication, and network applications, all in a hundred megabytes? Zeroshell, the built-from-scratch Linux network appliance."

  • Linux Printing: A Curious Mix of Yuck and Excellence, part 2 (2008-11-19 00:03:25)
    Linux Today Blog: "why do print jobs disappear without a trace, then reappear days later? Printing multiple copies, if you had hit the print button in frustration multiple times. Is this printer really online and working? Does it have enough toner and paper? If there is a problem, why won't it tell me in a reasonable way? Why isn't there an obvious, easy button for "cancel the print job plz, kthx"?"