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IT Management Linux News for Nov 24, 2008

  • OLPC Giveaway Program Hits Oz (2008-11-24 22:33:12)
    Builder AU: "The Australian subsidiary of the non-profit One Laptop per Child (OLPC) organisation today said it would commence a local "Give 1, Get 1" program on November 30 that would deliver the machines to both geeks and disadvantaged children."

  • I've Got A Penguin in My Briefs (2008-11-24 22:03:12)
    Linux Magazine: "The practice of law is a knowledge, information, and document-intensive profession. In many respects, lawyers ply their trade in the same way independent programmers do: we sell our expertise, experience and technical skill in using what is, essentially, the aboriginal "open" source code -- the code of laws and courtroom procedure."

  • The Little SCO That Cried Wolf (2008-11-24 20:43:12)
    Cyber Cynic: "...the big, bad wolves--IBM, Red Hat, and Novell--had attacked it with their big nasty Linux penguin buddy, Tux the Destroyer! And-oh no!--they had stolen SCO's picnic basket of Unix intellectual property goodies."

  • Fedora 10: the GNU/Linux Desktop Steps Forward (2008-11-24 20:33:12)
    Datamation: "Any release of a GNU/Linux distribution marks a milestone in a continuous cycle of software development. However, Fedora 10 promises to be a larger milestone than most, both for its development community and users, according to Paul W. Frields, the Fedora leader and chair."

  • Ubuntu vs. OpenSolaris vs. FreeBSD Benchmarks (2008-11-24 19:03:12)
    Phoronix: "We had begun by providing Ubuntu 7.04 to 8.10 benchmarks and had found the performance of this popular Linux distribution to become slower with time... In this article, we are now comparing the 64-bit performance of Ubuntu 8.10 against the latest test releases of OpenSolaris 2008.11 and FreeBSD 7.1."

  • McDonald's Sandwich Patent (2008-11-24 18:33:12)
    Open... "The present invention relates to a sandwich assembly tool and methods of making a sandwich, which may be a hot or cold sandwich, quickly by pre-assembly of various sandwich components and simultaneous preparation of different parts of the same sandwich."

  • SCO v. Novell is Final -- For Now (2008-11-24 18:03:12)
    Linux Journal: "Way back in July, the word rang out that SCO - the arch-villains bent on squeezing every dime they can out of Linux - had been vanquished by the valiant legal team at Novell to the tune of $2.5+ million. Now comes word that the victory is final - or at least, as final as can be expected."

  • Microsoft, Rob Enderle, and Their Conflicting Perceptions of Reality (2008-11-24 17:03:12)
    Todd Bishop's Microsoft Blog: "Judging from the e-mails, however, people at Microsoft aren't always interested in his advice. The exchanges provide a rare glimpse of back-channel communications in the technology industry -- and illustrate how they can go awry."

  • Linux Has Been Tick Boxed (2008-11-24 13:03:12)
    IP Pro: "...MSI has had a lot more netbooks returned with Linux installed, than Windows. What is interesting is that there is a recent report that Asus has found no skew in the number of returns in either way. Very interesting indeed - so what does this say?"

  • OpenLDAP Quick Tips: Get Your Own Private Enterprise Number for LDAP Schemas (2008-11-24 12:03:12)
    Suretec: "The golden rule: Under no circumstances should you hijack name space belonging to others!"

  • PhoneReminder 1.0, Appointment Reminder Software for OpenEMR, Released (2008-11-24 08:03:12)
    LinuxMedNews: "OpenEMR HQ, a small software startup in NE Oklahoma, announced the release of PhoneReminder for OpenEMR. PhoneReminder is add-in software to the OpenEMR medical records package that allows users to automatically notify patients by phone (voice or text message) of upcoming appointments."