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IT Management Linux News for Dec 01, 2008

  • Scottish Open Source Awards 2008 (2008-12-01 23:26:16)
    Red Devil's Blog: "I WAS honoured recently to be asked to help judge this year's Scottish Open Source Software Awards and, if I am being honest, more than a little daunted by the task."

  • MySQL Founder Warns 5.1 Not Ready (2008-12-01 21:04:17)
    Linux Magazine: "MySQL founder Michael "Monty" Widenius warns in his blog against putting the current version 5.1 of the popular database package into production. He's critical of the release policy and fears that the product's quality may suffer."

  • Is IT Offshoring an Overhyped Myth? (2008-12-01 20:34:17)
    Datamation: "Jerry Luftman, the SIM VP of academic affairs and a professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, says the extent of offshoring is greatly exaggerated. Various parties have stoked fears of offshoring for their own purposes."

  • Blocking Zombie Spam Netblocks (2008-12-01 19:04:17)
    BeginLinux: "You will need to have an iptables firewall and add this section to the firewall which will use the information found in the list to drop the subnets thus taking the load off your Postfix mail server."

  • Microsoft Cuddles up to Open Source (2008-12-01 17:17:17)
    Linux Magazine: "Another model of transparency that Microsoft likes to present is OOXML, the open documentation standard, according to Sandra Schaefer, manager of interoperability strategy at Microsoft."

  • First Dedicated Netbook Summit to be Held in Paris (2008-12-01 16:04:17)
    World Netbook Forum: "On December 1st, the first international conference dedicated to the Netbook market will be held in Paris at the Maison de la Chimie."

  • Intel Rethinks Netbooks: 'Fine for an Hour' But... (2008-12-01 13:04:17)
    Nanotech - The Circuits Blog: "Intel is re-evaluating the Netbook market as possibly not The Next Big Thing. This from the company that makes the Atom processor and accompanying silicon that go into most of the Netbooks sold today."

  • Honeywell's Kitchen Computer remembered: The $62,550 machine no one bought (2008-12-01 12:04:17)
    The Register: "With the holiday spirit in mind, we return to the Computer History Museum in Googleton Mountain View for a very special edition of This Old Box."

  • Upgrading to Trac 0.11 (2008-12-01 08:04:17)
    Linux System Admins Blog: "The TracUpgrade official documentation describes this in detail, but unfortunately misses some important steps that can leave you with a broken trac environment while trying to upgrade."