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IT Management Linux News for Dec 12, 2008

  • Media Companies Have Only Themselves to Blame (2008-12-12 20:31:24)
    Datamation: "The recession is hitting everyone. But print media companies -- newspapers, books and magazines -- are getting hit harder and sooner than most. It's their own damned fault."

  • Ubuntu Tries Marketing Slogan, Fails (2008-12-12 18:07:08)
    PC Authority: "I do it with Ubuntu."

  • HP Opens Up Open Source for Small Businesses (2008-12-12 17:33:43)
    OStatic: "While large businesses are a major focus for HP -- and it has supported open source in other ways -- a "smaller business" line of open source products has been a long time coming."

  • Cisco Disappointed by FSF Law suit (2008-12-12 16:03:43)
    InternetNews: "Since at least May 12, 2006, Cisco has distributed to the public copies of firmware containing the FSF's programs in its products "without providing complete and corresponding source code or an offer for source code as required by the Licenses," the complaint charged. It listed 13 Linksys products as offenders, including its popular wireless routers for setting up Wi-Fi networks."

  • Microsoft Hires an Open-Source Identity Expert (2008-12-12 15:33:43)
    The Open Road: "Microsoft, long the bastion of proprietary thought, is increasingly adding open-source DNA to the fold. And it's adding to its roster of open-source veterans: Dick Hardt, founder and CEO of Sxip Identity and ActiveState, announced on his blog earlier this week that he will be joining Microsoft:"

  • K12Linux Founders Hand off Project to the Fedora Community (2008-12-12 12:04:43)
    Linux.com: "Two Oregon educators who founded the K12Linux project seven years ago are glad that they have been able to hand that project over to Fedora, the home they always meant for K12Linux to have."

  • Understanding Tunneling: Hiding Packets In Plain Sight (2008-12-12 07:34:43)
    LinuxPlanet: "The computing world has become dependent on various types of tunneling. All remote access VPN connections use tunnels, and you'll frequently hear the geeks talking about SSH tunnels. You can accomplish amazing things with tunnels, so sit back and relax while you enjoy a gentle introduction to tunneling and its uses."

  • Chinese Linux Hit by Credit Crunch (2008-12-12 03:04:43)
    IT Wire: "Linux has been doing pretty well in China, with recent year-on-year sales going through the roof. However, there can be no escaping the global economic crisis, not even for Chinese Linux."