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IT Management Linux News for Dec 17, 2008

  • Steve Jobs' Health Doesn't Matter (2008-12-17 20:34:44)
    Cyber Cynic: "But, whether his health has gone downhill or not isn't really what important to the worlds of technology and business. What's important is that, by not showing up to make the keynote speech at Macworld, Jobs appears to no longer be at Apple's helm."

  • Rambus Redux: The FTC Tries One Last Time (and so do I) (2008-12-17 19:34:44)
    Standards Blog: "The emotion arises in part because Rambus develops and licenses technology, but does not actually fabricate semiconductors. This has made its stockholders particularly partisan, as its stock has risen and fallen in synchrony with its fortunes in court, and its detractors particularly irate, because they view Rambus not only as a patent troll, but also as one that has gamed the standards development process..."

  • IBM Lotus Strategist Sees Linux on Netbooks Making Inroads vs. Windows in 2009 (2008-12-17 17:34:44)
    eWeek: "Linux and open source will start to chip away at Microsoft Windows desktop software thanks to their popularity on netbooks, those ultralight, low-cost laptops."

  • Easy in Linux, Almost Impossible in Windows (2008-12-17 17:04:44)
    IT Toolbox: "What really gets me excited about Linux is its ability to recover from disasters. When, in an emergency, a program or service has to be moved from one machine to another in the shortest time possible I would bet on Linux every time. Especially if you do not have the programs install disks. Here is what happened."

  • Likewise seeks AD Middle Ground (2008-12-17 16:04:44)
    Practical Technology: "Likewise Software, which specializes in getting Linux and other Unix systems to work with AD (Active Directory) authentication, management, and auditing is offering a middle ground program between its open-source version, Likewise Open, and its enterprise edition, Likewise Enterprise: Likewise Open with Cell Module."

  • The OpenSuse FAQ Touched me in a Bad Place (2008-12-17 14:04:44)
    Me and U(buntu): "This FAQ is where OpenSUSE gets its best shot at PR, alternately arguing "there is no problem with the Novell/Microsoft deal" and "OpenSUSE isn't Novell, so even if there were any problems, you can still use us". Of course, both arguments are dishonest, but since the people often think just linking to a FAQ settles the matter, a bit of analysis on this particular FAQ might be worthwhile."

  • Mandriva Linux Attracts 2,000 Partners (2008-12-17 12:04:44)
    The VAR Guy: "When it comes to Linux, most U.S. headlines involve Canonical, Novell or Red Hat. But another Linux distribution -- from Mandriva S.A. of Paris, France -- is making a name for itself in the global IT channel"

  • How to: Sniff Wireless Packets with WireShark (2008-12-17 01:34:44)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "Over a year ago, however, Ethereal's lead developer (Gerald Combs) re-released the software as WireShark. WireShark provides the same (if not better) functionality as Ethereal. Ethereal doesn't appear to be supported anymore, so use WireShark instead."