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IT Management Linux News for Dec 30, 2008

  • Great Linux Innovations Of 2008 (2008-12-30 22:47:04)
    Phoronix: "Among the innovations named this year were KDE 4, NetworkManager 0.7, new hardware companies standing behind open-source support, and the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix."

  • Will 2009 Be Open or Closed? (2008-12-30 21:17:04)
    Linux Journal: "Instead, I'd like to discuss a matter that is related to these larger questions, but which focusses on issues particularly germane to Linux Journal: will 2009 be a year in which openness thrives, or one in which closed thinking re-asserts itself?"

  • 25C3: Dan Kaminsky Invokes DNSSEC (2008-12-30 19:02:04)
    Linux Magazine: "Dan Kaminsky, front man of the DNS attacks band the middle of 2008, has delivered a retrospective at the 25th annual Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) on the background and process of DNS vulnerability. But he also set his sights on the future. And outside-the-box thinker Dan J. Bernstein also had a thing or two to say."

  • Windows to Unix With PuTTY and Xming (2008-12-30 16:03:04)
    Tip of the Trade: "Using PuTTY (the best Windows SSH client going) and Xming (a free X Window server for Windows) enables you to log in from a Windows box to your Unix box, and then run an X session remotely."

  • Hands-on Linux: New versions of Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE Push the Envelope (2008-12-30 02:33:04)
    Computerworld: "When you're talking Linux, three big names always pop up: Canonical's Ubuntu, Novell's openSUSE and Red Hat's Fedora. Ubuntu has ridden a groundswell of both consumer and commercial support to its current ranking as the most popular Linux distribution."

  • 10 Linux Predictions for 2009 (2008-12-30 01:03:04)
    Ken Hess's Linux Blog: "Everyone wants to know what's going to happen in the new year as if anyone can accurately predict these things. However, one can deduce, with reasonable accuracy, that there will be innovations that are designed to get our attention. This is my list of Linux-oriented predictions for 2009."