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IT Management Linux News for Jan 14, 2009

  • Apple's Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave (2009-01-14 23:31:33)
    InternetNews: "Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence, a week after revealing that he suffers from a condition he described as a hormone imbalance."

  • Linux Bailout? Try Linux Investment... (2009-01-14 22:31:33)
    Linux Developer Network: "On the predicted chopping block from the open source industry were Sun Microsystems (coming in at number 7) and Novell (coming in at number 1). 25 percent of survey respondents had predicted the demise of Novell in the coming year."

  • Interview with Anahuac from KyaPanel (2009-01-14 13:31:33)
    northxsouth: "Currently KyaPanel has two modules: E-mail Management and Network Management. It is true that the Management Network module is very immature and still has some problems. On the other side the E-mail Management module is quite mature and jpa integrates itself with major softwares such as egroupware and juniper."

  • HowTo upgrade from Debian Etch (4.0 ) to Lenny (5.0) (2009-01-14 10:31:33)
    Debian Admin: "Debian Lenny's release is getting closer and closer and many people will want to upgrade their Etch servers to Lenny.This is currently in testing so it is not recommended to use these instruction in production."

  • Set Up Virus and Spam Scanning on Ubuntu 8.10 (2009-01-14 06:01:33)
    PostfixMail.com: "One of the most frustrating problems with setting up any mail server is the configuration required for anti-virus protection and Spam checking. Amavisd-new provides an excellent tool to help in setting that up. This is a step-by-step process in providing your mail server, the example is Ubuntu 8.10, with the ability to scan all incoming mail for viruses and Spam."

  • IPwatchD an IP conflict detection tool for Linux (2009-01-14 04:31:33)
    Linuxconfig: "When using a GNU/Linux operating system, from time to time you may come across a situation where network connectivity was interrupted due to the IP conflict. An IP conflict event occurs when two or more hosts on the same network are configured with identical IP addresses. At the present, there appears to be no code in the Linux kernel to take care of this situation by means of appropriate Gratuitous ARP response."

  • Another Missed Opportunity for Open Source (2009-01-14 00:01:33)
    The VAR Guy: "As the National Retail Federation Convention 2009 starts in New York, many open source companies (Novell, Red Hat, Sun MySQL, Openbravo) appear to be absent. That's a massive mistake for open source companies and their channel partners. Here's why."