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IT Management Linux News for Jan 22, 2009

  • LCA2009: It's a Linux conference - but there's Macs aplenty (2009-01-22 23:02:47)
    IT Wire: "One thing that has been increasing exponentially at the Australian national Linux conference is that shiny, steel-grey laptop - or, at times, the sleek white one."

  • An odd choice to help government with open source strategy (2009-01-22 22:32:47)
    ars Technica: "Asking Scott McNealy to write a paper about open source software is a bit like asking Dick Cheney to write a paper about government transparency."

  • The slow brutes learned and went away (2009-01-22 21:32:47)
    That Grumpy BSD Guy: "Over the last few columns, we have followed the progress of what appears to be a botnet cloud's attempt at gaining access to a couple of FreeBSD machines I have in my care."

  • Obama vs. Microsoft (2009-01-22 19:32:47)
    Practical Technology: "Obama, the first true 21st century President, and his staff have arrived at the White House to find themselves stuck with 20th century Microsoft software... and they're not happy."

  • Microsoft Antitrust: "The Linux Threat on the Desktop" (2006) and Predatory Response (2009-01-22 19:02:47)
    Boycott Novell: "Microsoft "Taskforce" lobbied Wal-Mart/Microtell to drop GNU/Linux"

  • Microsoft to cut up to 5,000 jobs (2009-01-22 17:32:47)
    MSNBC: "Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it is cutting up to 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months, a sign of how badly even the biggest and richest companies are being stung by the recession."

  • Ubuntu Server Edition Gaining Business Applications (2009-01-22 16:02:47)
    WorksWithU: "...it signals an important milestone: True business applications are finally coming to Ubuntu Server Edition and its desktop counterpart."

  • How Can Red Hat Be Worth More Than Sun? (2009-01-22 13:02:47)
    OStatic: "At the moment, Sun's market capitalization is $2.69 billion and Red Hat's is $2.61. If the trends in share prices for these two companies continue, Red Hat's market cap will soar right past Sun's. Does this make any sense?"

  • Asterisk: The Next Big IT Certification? (2009-01-22 12:02:47)
    The VAR Guy: "It was an interesting chat, but our resident blogger is looking further down the road and expects Asterisk certification to be the next big trend for VoIP solutions providers. Here's why."

  • Open-Source Mobile Telephony Goes Legit (2009-01-22 09:02:47)
    CIO: "Yet, open source in telecom is long past its debut and is, in fact, already in play in much of the Fortune 500. So why is open source a legitimate option in enterprise computing but bastardized so much in telephony?"