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IT Management Linux News for Jan 23, 2009

  • Linux, Are You Our Hero? (2009-01-23 18:02:57)
    Serverwatch: "With that said, is Linux our hero? The obvious answer is yes, but is it a true hero or just the hero of the month?"

  • Linux's role in Microsoft's decline (2009-01-23 15:32:57)
    LinuxDevices: "As early as last quarter, Microsoft admitted that Linux and netbooks were eating into its fat profits. The news really came home today, though, with the software giant announcing its first-ever layoffs."

  • Apple, Linux Miss Golden Opportunity to Snag Desktop Market Share (2009-01-23 14:32:57)
    Serverwatch: "Top-dog OS on the enterprise desktop? Linux and Apple had a golden chance to grab that title, and boy did they blow it!"

  • Being Anti-Linux is bad for your business' health (2009-01-23 12:02:57)
    Cyber Cynic: "Remember today's date: January 22, 2009. It may go down in business history as the day that it became clear that proprietary software had been broken by Linux and open-source software."

  • Open Source ECM Growing Up (2009-01-23 09:02:57)
    Internet News: "The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space is about more than just managing content. It's about creating content too."

  • Traders and Financial Insititutions Should Wake Up to FOSS (2009-01-23 07:32:57)
    OStatic: "The question is: Why doesn't the financial community at large wake up to this kind of opportunity to reduce costs and customize trading through an open source offering?"

  • Spideroak: Secure Offsite Backups For Linux (2009-01-23 00:02:57)
    LinuxPlanet: "A good offsite backup strategy is not sending boxes of unencrypted tapes home with your party-hearty college intern. Carla Schroder reviews the Spideroak online backup service to see if they offer something better, more secure, and more convenient."