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IT Management Linux News for Jan 28, 2009

  • Are we really wasting $1 trillion dollars a year on proprietary systems? (2009-01-28 23:34:23)
    Michael Tiemann's blog: "... judging by the various blog postings that have been generated in reaction to that, I estimate that fewer than 20% have any quibbles at all with that number."

  • Systems administrator's role changing via the cloud (2009-01-28 22:34:23)
    ZDNet: "The uptake of cloud computing was rendering many traditional systems-administrator functions obsolete, tech author and Google sysadmin Tom Limoncelli told attendees at Linux.conf.au (LCA) in Hobart this week."

  • Motorola ditching Windows Mobile? (2009-01-28 18:34:23)
    Bit-tech: "Rumour has it that Motorola is ditching the Windows Mobile platform for its smartphone handsets in favour of Google's new Linux-based Android."

  • Australian University Migrates IT Systems to Red Hat Solutions (2009-01-28 17:34:23)
    TMCnet: "Their existing HP Tru64 UNIX system was not able to cope with the increasing needs of the University as it expanded and demanded more from its technology infrastructure."

  • Linux vs. Unix Values Evident in Red Hat, Sun Market Valuations (2009-01-28 15:04:23)
    ServerWatch: "Sun sells more than $13 billion of goods and services per year, while Red Hat sells a little over $600 million. So which is worth more?"

  • If Open Source Doesn't Succeed, Don't Blame the Teachers (2009-01-28 14:34:23)
    OStatic: "Datamation's Matt Hartley has a completely different take on why open source can't get a foothold in American classrooms, and he claims it's largely because teachers and school IT professionals are "misinformation junkies.""

  • Apache Security: A Watched Bot Never Spoils (Your Server) (2009-01-28 12:04:23)
    Enteprise IT Planet: "In my last article I introduced the idea of having robots.txt be a dynamic document, rather than a static text file. The reason for this was to allow it to respond in real-time to the particulars of the robot that was making the request..."

  • 10 ways to help users transition to Linux (2009-01-28 06:04:23)
    TechRepublic: "There’s no reason why switching to Linux should be traumatic for your users (or stressful for you). As Jack Wallen explains, you can set them up to succeed if you approach things the right way."