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IT Management Linux News for Jan 29, 2009

  • NVIDIA CEO: Atom Is Going to Hurt Software Industry (2009-01-29 23:33:24)
    OSNews: "Currently, NVIDIA is really missing out on the netbook market, which is dominated by all-Intel platform designs. NVIDIA has finally woken up to this reality, and the outspoken cofounder, president, and CEO of NVIDIA, Jen-Hsun Huang, has launched an all-out campaign to promote his company's Ion platform - and he isn't shy of flinging some poo to Intel and netbooks in general."

  • Debian Founder Murdock Now Sun's Cloud Strategist (2009-01-29 22:03:24)
    Linux Magazine: "Debian Linux founder and former OpenSolaris chief Ian Murdock is taking over the role of chief strategist for cloud computing at Sun Microsystems."

  • Antitrust: How Microsoft Schemed to Derail Dell GNU/Linux (2009-01-29 18:03:24)
    Boycott Novell: "As we've already shown, Microsoft's strategy has less to do with self improvement & development but more to do with targeted sabotage against attempts of competitors to... well, just to compete"

  • Bind Security: Transaction Signatures (TSIG) Configuration (2009-01-29 16:03:24)
    nixCraft: "How do I configure BIND9 name serves with TSIG (Transaction SIGnature) mechanism to secure server-to-server communication? How do I use secret key transaction authentication for DNS (bind nameservers)?"

  • How To Choose The Best Linux For Your Business (2009-01-29 14:33:24)
    bMighty: "For IT decision makers in small and midsize businesses, Linux is all about choice. But the dizzying array of different distros, service, and support options can make the choice a challenge. This guide to understanding the differences will help you pick the distro your business needs."

  • How Vista's total failure hurt Linux (2009-01-29 12:03:24)
    Cyber Cynic: "Once I got a good look at Vista, I knew desktop Linux was in for good times. Vista was, and still is, a disaster of an operating system. I was right too. When netbooks started coming out, it was Linux, not Vista, that ruled."

  • 5 Things Mark Shuttleworth Has Learned about Organizational Change (2009-01-29 06:03:24)
    CIO: "Mark Shuttleworth is not your average IT manager. A few weeks ago, he posted a question on an Ubuntu list. Not an order. Not a policy decision. A question:"

  • Sun Slows Losses Thanks to Strong Storage Sales (2009-01-29 03:03:24)
    Enterprise Storage Forum: "Sun Microsystems fared better than expected in the sharp fourth-quarter economic slowdown, cutting its cash burn by more than half as its open storage efforts continued to gain traction"

  • V.i. Labs Announces CodeArmor Intelligence Support for Linux Platforms (2009-01-29 00:33:24)
    V.i. Laboratories press release: "Software Vendors can now Gather Piracy Intelligence and Recover Lost Revenue for Applications Developed in both Linux and Windows Environments."