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IT Management Linux News for Feb 19, 2009

  • Canonical's April 2009 Surprise: More Than Ubuntu 9.04 (2009-02-19 21:02:32)
    WorksWithU: "Landscape (image courtesy of Canonical) is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows network administrators and channel partners to remotely manage Ubuntu servers, desktops and mobile devices. Landscape didn't generate much buzz in 2008. But that will change in 2009. Here’s why."

  • Tiemann: 'Honeymoon is over' for software lock-in (2009-02-19 20:32:32)
    The Open Road: "In the midst of an engaging Times UK article on the rise of open source, Michael Tiemann, president of the Open Source Initiative and a Red Hat executive, declares that proprietary software has outstayed its welcome:"

  • Switchvox to Release Major Upgrade: SMB 4.0 (2009-02-19 20:02:32)
    Enterprise VOIP Planet: "Switchvox (a Digium company) recently announced a major upgrade to its SMB product—version 4.0. Enterprise VoIPplanet.com spoke with Tristan Deganhardt, Switchvox's director of product marketing, who commented that while there's lots of new stuff in SMB 4.0, "the overarching theme is Web-aware unified communications features.""

  • OpenSUSE 11.1 Vies for Desktop Linux Supremacy (2009-02-19 18:32:32)
    eWeek: "Novell's OpenSUSE 11.1 hit the Web late last year packed with desktop-friendly features, an impressive strategy for tapping community involvement, and more than a few rough spots. Novell is hoping those new features will help OpenSUSE against the likes of Red Hat Fedora and Ubuntu from Canonical."

  • Day 3 - The Pirate Bay's 'King Kong' Defense (2009-02-19 18:02:32)
    Torrentfreak: "For the song "Let it Be" by The Beatles, IFPI is asking for 10 times the damages, since the band's music isn't officially available online. Interesting logic here - perhaps if The Beatles music was made officially available, people wouldn't even need to pirate it"

  • To Linux or not to Linux? (2009-02-19 17:02:32)
    ZDNet: "These will replace aging stationary labs in the schools, freeing up needed space and allowing for redeployment of the older computers for individual classroom and student use. This leaves me with a question to answer, though: Do I use Windows XP Home or Edubuntu?"

  • Novell: Pushing Beyond SUSE Linux On Feb. 26 (2009-02-19 16:02:32)
    The VAR Guy: "1. More Than A SUSE Linux Company: Hovsepian needs to describe each of the core Novell product groups, and how they fit together to form a company that's greater than the sum of its parts. Listen closely for info about Novell's security and identity management efforts."

  • Linux virtual desktops sweeping Brazilian schools (2009-02-19 14:02:32)
    IT Wire: "The companies behind a 356,800 seat deployment in Brazil claim world records for the largest desktop virtualisation rollout, the largest desktop Linux rollout, and the lowest cost per seat."

  • Commercial Linux Distro Support Shootout (2009-02-19 12:02:32)
    Serverwatch: "The Big 3 commercial Linux vendors; Canonical, Novell and Red Hat are ready to serve you through support subscription services for your Linux infrastructure. There are some big advantages to using commercial vendor support for your systems: 24x7 priority support, fixed support costs and experts who know your operating system inside and out."

  • Citrix to offer free XenServer virtualization (2009-02-19 10:32:32)
    Practical Technology: "It's also expected that at least one of the two major Linux companies, Novell or Red Hat, will announce their support for the new XenServer and Citrix Essentials for XenServer. It is not known, however, which of the companies will be making this jump."