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IT Management Linux News for Feb 21, 2009

  • Who's buddying up closer with Microsoft: Novell or Red Hat? (2009-02-21 12:02:32)
    Cyber Cynic: "One or the other, however, is going to make a major move. This has been building for some time. Novell, of course, has long had a partnership with Microsoft. On the other hand, Red Hat has just partnered, for the first time ever, with Microsoft to co-ordinate their virtualization efforts."

  • Psion Defends "Netbook" Trademark (2009-02-21 10:02:32)
    OSNews: "I recently joked that we might want to rename OSNews to CourtNews, and with each passing day that silly joke seems to become less silly. This week, it became clear that Psion Teklogix, the company behind various small computing devices back in the '90s, has started an all-out legal offensive to prohibit other companies from using the term "netbook"."

  • Industry Consortium Rivalry over Crypto Standards (2009-02-21 06:02:32)
    Linux Magazine: "The idea of an industry-wide common cryptography standard is certainly welcome. But self-interest usually precedes usability, so two industry consortiums are now vying over which standards to adopt..."

  • Can Your Cat Agree to an EULA? (2009-02-21 03:02:32)
    OSNews: "An interesting story is making it rounds across the internet the past few days about someone who made a system to get his cat to agree to the EULAs she was presented with. While that's just a funny joke, it does raise a very interesting point: if person A agrees to an EULA, does its power extend to person B?"