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IT Management Linux News for Feb 23, 2009

  • The Dangers of Vendor Lock-In (2009-02-23 23:32:23)
    Intranet Journal: "A classic, old-school example of vendor lock-in would have to be with ink jet printer cartridges. When you purchase any major brand of ink jet printer, you will be stuck relying on ink they themselves produce, no matter how hard you might wish to use something else."

  • Red Hat returns to the Linux desktop (2009-02-23 21:32:23)
    Cyber Cynic: "Does this mean that Red Hat will be getting back into the Linux desktop business? That's the question I posed to Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens, in a phone call after the Red Hat/KVM press conference, and he told me that, "Yes. Red Hat will indeed be pushing the Linux desktop again.""

  • Oops: Microsoft Asks Some Laid Off Workers To Send Back Part Of Their Severance (2009-02-23 20:32:23)
    TechCrunch: "Talk about adding insult to injury. Apparently Microsoft has inadvertently overpaid severance to some of its recently laid off employees, and is now asking for some of the money back."

  • BCDs, MBRs, and GRUB (2009-02-23 19:02:23)
    InfoWorld: "In the last couple of days I've probably learned more than I ever wanted to know about BCDs, MBRs, boot sectors, boot menus, lilo, Wubi, and grub. When I complained that Windows 7 had trashed my grub menu on Thursday, I didn't know what a can of worms I was opening."

  • Troubling times for OpenSUSE (2009-02-23 13:33:23)
    IT Wire: "The OpenSUSE project, a group that develops a Linux distribution that then feeds into Novell's SUSE Linux, has been hit recently by the layoffs at Novell."

  • Novell Promotes ASP.NET, Demotes OpenSUSE (2009-02-23 10:03:23)
    Boycott Novell: "ABOUT a year and a half ago, Novell told the press that it would increase the hiring of .NET developers. The company seems to have kept its promise because as times goes by, Novell becomes more and more like a reflection of Microsoft, especially in the technical sense."