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IT Management Linux News for Feb 26, 2009

  • Server Sales Fall 14 Percent in Q4 (2009-02-26 23:04:18)
    ServerWatch: "Linux server sales were down 7 percent, while Windows server sales fell 17.8 percent. Unix server revenues account for 36.2 percent of quarterly server spending, compared with 35.3 for Windows and 13.6 percent for Linux."

  • Novell's Open Source Rex Talks Linux (2009-02-26 22:34:18)
    InternetNews: "It's not all about the code in the Linux ecosystem. Any Linux project needs leadership. Markus Rex is one such leader."

  • Windows = Antivirus = Pollution? (2009-02-26 21:04:18)
    Technology FLOSS: "... but then the next even more obvious question was "then how much pollution is produced by the usage of antivirus?""

  • Jones and Updegrove on Microsoft vs. TomTom (2009-02-26 18:26:43)
    Andy Updegrove IAL (is a lawyer) and Pamela Jones is a paralegal, so here are their comments on Microsoft vs. TomTom:
    "A new guy at the wheel, letting the marketplace know that they better not take him for granted."
    "Have I lost my cotton-pickin' mind?"

  • Novell-Red Hat Conundrum: What's a FOSS Supporter to Do? (2009-02-26 18:02:49)
    Datamation: "When you are a free and open source software (FOSS) supporter, life often seems black and white. You are for user freedom and shared source code, and against proprietary software and companies -- especially Microsoft. But sometimes things get more complicated."

  • Could Server Netbooks Reshape the Market? (2009-02-26 14:32:49)
    ServerWatch: "What this failed to recognize is that many potential buyers don't actually need vast amounts of computing power, storage space or memory. For web browsing, word processing and spreadsheeting, the power of an Intel Atom processor is enough, as is a fairly moderate amount of RAM (512Mb) and a tiny (by modern standards) 8Gb of storage."

  • Red Hat Recruits Middleware Experts From Oracle, Sun and IBM (2009-02-26 14:02:49)
    The VAR Guy: "A few weeks ago, The VAR Guy told readers Red Hat's JBoss middleware business would eventually be larger than Red Hat’s Linux platform business."

  • Is Microsoft finally taking Linux to court? (2009-02-26 13:02:49)
    Cyber Cynic: "Once a year, Microsoft president Steve Ballmer, would proclaim that Linux violated some of Microsoft patents. Then, he wouldn't do anything about it. Now, perhaps, he has."