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IT Management Linux News for Feb 27, 2009

  • News Analysis: Microsoft goes after TomTom -- and Linux (2009-02-27 22:04:27)
    Computerworld: "But if Microsoft wants a fight -- oh boy, is the open-source community ready for it. First, it should be noted that Microsoft is claiming its lawsuit, made public this week, isn't really about Linux or open source."

  • This isn't "Open Source" (2009-02-27 21:04:27)
    Open Enterprise: "The piece is entitle "Open Sauce", but it ought really be called "Open Source", since its author, Richard Steel, the CIO of Newham, seems to have such distaste for the concept that he can't bring himself even to write the words without sanitising them between the quotation marks."

  • Linux ideal for software appliances, says Novell (2009-02-27 16:04:27)
    Techworld: "Linux is well suited as the platform of choice for the burgeoning software appliance market, according to Novell executive at the VMworld conference in Cannes."

  • Novell chief: 'Our Linux performance did not meet our expectations' (2009-02-27 15:17:27)
    ZDNet: "Novell's fiscal first quarter results were a mixed bag and Linux invoices fell sharply as the company failed to sign big deals."

  • Bridging the gap between companies and communities for OSS (2009-02-27 15:04:27)
    ars Technica: "In a presentation at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), GNOME Foundation executive director Stormy Peters discussed the differences between companies and communities and how to bridge the gap. This issue is becoming increasingly important for open source software projects that are trying to build close ties with corporate adopters and contributors."

  • Top alternatives to Microsoft Outlook (2009-02-27 12:04:27)
    ZDNet "If you're using a Microsoft Windows operating system there is also a good chance that you use Office and Outlook as your email client. But is this really a choice?"

  • Patent suit tells us why we should shun Mono, Moonlight (2009-02-27 10:34:27)
    IT Wire: "Microsoft has shown the world exactly how friendly it is towards open source by going to court to claim damages over patents which have been allegedly violated in an implementation of the Linux kernel. And that's a good reason why FOSS users should avoid Mono and Moonlight like the plague."

  • Could Microsoft be trying to acquire TomTom? (2009-02-27 03:04:27)
    Cyber Cynic: "I've been talking to a lot of smart people about the Microsoft/TomTom lawsuit. One thing we all pretty much agree on is that this lawsuit doesn't make a lot of sense."

  • Open source is years behind commercial products, says Socitm president (2009-02-27 01:34:27)
    ComputerWeekly: ""I don't like the term 'open source'. It's misleading what many people mean is 'anything but Microsoft' few businesses actually use open source directly"