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IT Management Linux News for Jun 03, 2009

  • Apple Faithful: Arrogance Is Not a Virtue, and Why I Will Never Buy a Mac (2009-06-03 21:31:56)
    Tech Broiler: "The Apple ][ series had the distinction of being the last personal computer that Steve Wozniak (the true technical brains behind early Apple Computer) was responsible for engineering."

  • Breakup of the Wintel alliance caused by Netbook (2009-06-03 18:31:56)
    GLG News: "For over 20 years, Microsoft and Intel have partnered to grow the PC industry. Now, Intel is launching a netbook that will use the Linux operating system and not Microsoft."

  • MS v Linux: Sparks of the Tom Tom Fire stubbornly refuse to die (2009-06-03 16:31:56)
    Spicy IP: "No explanation was forthcoming, however, as to how exactly can TomTom both use the rights granted under the patent and conform to the GPLv2!"

  • Xandros - the Linux company that isn't (2009-06-03 14:01:56)
    The Register: "What Xandros has figured out, after years of trying to fight Windows on the desktop, is that you have to win with Linux on other platforms and bury it deep behind an application layer to insulate people from Linux. As it has done well (but not brilliantly) with the Asus Eee PC."

  • Pursuing Government RFPs: A How-To Guide for Open Source (2009-06-03 10:31:56)
    Linux.com: "As they make software and hardware purchases, governments are creatures of habit. They form long relationships with IT vendors and stick with them so they can keep their IT systems running with minimal interruptions. "