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IT Management Linux News for Jun 09, 2009

  • Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: Damp WiFi Signals, Bridging, Slo-Fi, Why? (2009-06-09 23:31:02)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "In very humid conditions, there theoretically could be enough moisture in the air to absorb some of the wireless signal. But RF experts tend to doubt the effect would be very strong unless your router is literally inside a cloud. Generally speaking, the longer your wireless link, the more likely it may be affected by humidity."

  • Open Letter to Logitech - Secure Your Spot as the Premier Linux Devices Provider (2009-06-09 20:01:02)
    Linux + GNU = Humans Enabled: "And although a great number of peripherals and hardware work with GNU/Linux, sometimes it's still a bit difficult to be absolutely positive. With your help, I aim to change that."

  • The great Dell Linux scam (2009-06-09 19:46:02)
    Rudd-O: "In theory, a Dell machine with Linux is $50 cheaper... but the free RAM/HDD upgrade (a $275 value) is only for Windows customers. But wait, there's more!" This story is from 2007. Never mind! --Emily Litella

  • Microsoft's Pyrrhic Victory in the Netbook War (2009-06-09 14:31:02)
    Open Enterprise: "And yet at every turn, Microsoft is doing what it can to kill the whole netbook idea."