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IT Management Linux News for Jun 16, 2009

  • SCO rises from the dead (2009-06-16 21:31:24)
    Cyber Cynic: "So, you can imagine just how pleased I am to see that SCO, just when it looked like it was dead as a doornail, came up with a buyer at the 11th hour and 59th minute."

  • SCO vs. Linux: New investor rescues SCO from bankruptcy (2009-06-16 16:31:24)
    The H Open: "Immediately before the crucial liquidation hearing in the bankruptcy court, SCO CEO Darl McBride signed an agreement with a company by the name of Gulf Capital Partners, backed by well-known investor Stephen Norris."

  • Why Tech Needs to Keep an Eye on Free (2009-06-16 16:01:24)
    InternetNews: "Joseph Bertrand said in 1883 that in a competitive market, the price falls to the marginal cost. Corneau, on the other hand, said that businesses would form cartels to collude to restrict the supply of a product in order to maintain the price."

  • HP servers still half-cold to Ubuntu (2009-06-16 14:15:24)
    Register Hardware: "And according to HP's website, that appeared to be the case. But as it turns out, HP is still supporting Debian (in a sense). What it doesn't offer is formal support for Ubuntu. And it has no plans to."

  • Five big issues with ARM and Android netbooks (2009-06-16 13:04:45)
    Laptops & Desktops: "But don't run out to Best Buy looking for a smartbook just yet. Despite all the announcements, there are still major technical and business challenges to using both ARM and Android in netbooks. Here are five big ones:"