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IT Management Linux News for Jul 07, 2009

  • The basics of secure admin privilege use with Unix (2009-07-07 21:04:34)
    Builder.AU: "Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to get back to basics, and today we look at the basics of secure administrative privilege use on Unix-like systems."

  • How Open Source Can be SMB Friendlier (2009-07-07 17:34:34)
    Linux.com: "Sobel has been growing his client portfolio with a simple strategy – fix their IT problems with the best tools available. That means that when the best tool for the task is a Linux or open source application, just use it. And use them, he does."

  • Taking a beating with Windows 7 pricing (2009-07-07 13:04:34)
    Cyber Cynic: "When you buy a PC what do you think the single most expensive part? Is it the CPU? Nope. The hard drive? No way. It's long been Windows..."

  • SCO's Proposed Amended Complaint Against AutoZone, as text - Updated (2009-07-07 12:34:34)
    Groklaw: " A normal litigant would just fold up shop and call it quits, now that Novell has been ruled the owner of the copyrights that SCO was suing AutoZone about. Not SCO. It is addicted to litigation, I guess, or someone is making them do it. Like the Devil."