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IT Management Linux News for Jul 08, 2009

  • Found: Another Profitable Open Source Company (2009-07-08 18:02:17)
    The VAR Guy: "But during a July 7 conference call, The VAR Guy stumbled onto a profitable, channel-driven open source company that’s making the leap from Europe to North America. Here’s the scoop."

  • 101 Open Source Apps for Enterprises (2009-07-08 17:02:17)
    Datamation: "IDC also reported that the leading open source enterprise applications are growing – by 20 percent or more per year."

  • PC Invader Costs Ky. County $415,000 (2009-07-08 13:34:17)
    Washington Post: "Cyber criminals based in Ukraine stole $415,000 from the coffers of Bullitt County, Kentucky this week. The crooks were aided by more than two dozen co-conspirators in the United States, as well as a strain of malicious software capable of defeating online security measures put in place by many banks."

  • Netbooks Are Little Notebooks, and Linux on Netbooks Rocks (2009-07-08 10:34:17)
    Linux Today Blog: "But it seems that vendors didn't really have a good vision of what these little machines could do and marketed them as Internet clients, rather than little notebooks that could do almost everything their big siblings could do. Which was, and still is, a big mistake, a mistake shaped by the paranoid, restrictive proprietary software world and a lack of understanding what customers want."

  • SUSE 11 takes off faster than 10 (2009-07-08 09:04:17)
    Channel Register: "Novell kicked out its SUSE Linux 11 release at the end of March, so it's now time to ask how it's doing. The answer: better than SUSE Linux 10. But still not enough to close the substantial installed base and revenue gap that exists between number one Red Hat Enterprise Linux..."