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IT Management Linux News for Jul 31, 2009

  • 10 super-cool Linux hacks you did not know about (2009-07-31 22:03:54)
    Dedoimedo: "This article is a compilation of several interesting, unique command-line tricks that should help you squeeze more juice out of your system, improve your situational awareness of what goes on behind the curtains of the desktop, plus some rather unorthodox solutions that will melt the proverbial socks off your kernel."

  • AutoZone Trial Set for August 10, 2010 [Hardy Har] - Updated (2009-07-31 19:03:54)
    Groklaw: "The trial date for AutoZone has been set for August 10, 2010. But I think we can reasonably expect some summary judgment motions from AutoZone long before then."

  • Using Graphs to Manage Networks and Devices with Cacti 0.8 (2009-07-31 17:03:54)
    Packt: "It is fairly easy to manage devices through the Cacti web front-end. It provides a fast poller, advance graph templating, and multiple data acquisition methods out of the box, wrapped in an easy to use interface that makes sense to the network administrator."

  • Enterprise IT Hits Bottom--Open Source Holds an Intervention (2009-07-31 15:33:54)
    Linux.com: "Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can get the help you need. IDC acted as an "interventionist" today publishing a new report showing how open source is growing in the down economy."

  • Open-source Project Aims to Makes Secure DNS Easier (2009-07-31 15:33:54)
    PC World: "A group of developers has released open-source software that gives administrators a hand in making the Internet's addressing system less vulnerable to hackers."

  • Oops, e-mail security vendor McAfee spills 1400 private names (2009-07-31 13:32:27)
    Computerworld AU: "In a story just dripping with irony, e-mail security vendor, McAfee, has accidentally sent the contact details of more than 1400 conference attendees in a spreadsheet attached to a thank you message."

  • How Wolfram Alpha could change software (They think they own search results) (2009-07-31 13:02:27)
    Fatal Exception: "But that's not all that separates Wolfram Alpha from traditional search engines. Try cutting and pasting from the results page. You can't."

  • Choosing the right Linux File System Layout using a Top-Bottom Process (2009-07-31 12:32:27)
    LinuxConfig: "In this article, I will give some reasons for a better consideration of the file-system and of its layout. I will suggest a top-bottom process for the design of a ``smart'' layout that remains as stable as possible over time for a given computer usage."

  • Canonical Makes it Easy to Switch to Ubuntu (2009-07-31 06:02:27)
    Canonical press release: "Canonical's Desktop Support Services includes three offerings: Starter, Advanced and Professional:"

  • Howto migrate to Linux (2009-07-31 04:32:27)
    Knol: "Rentalia.com was a small company when I migrated it to Linux. But it had the typical problems that a small or medium company may have when migrating to Linux. This guide tries to help to avoid these problems, and you can learn how we did it at Rentalia.com."

  • 8 Great Uses for Old Wireless Routers (2009-07-31 01:32:27)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "Don't throw away your old 802.11g routers just yet. The new slick-looking 802.11n routers may provide higher speeds and performance, but there are still many ways your old gear can help out..."