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IT Management Linux News for Aug 14, 2009

  • What is a Botnet anyway? (2009-08-14 21:31:54)
    Sure, it's Secure!: "...we forget that many people don't know what we think are the basics. For example, a really smart, computer-savvy friend of mine recently asked me, "What is a botnet anyway?" Whoops! Clearly, it's time for me to do some explaining."

  • Ubuntu 9.04 Samba Server Integrated With Active Directory (2009-08-14 17:31:54)
    Howtoforge: "This howtos describes how an Ubuntu 9.04 Samba server is integrated with Active Directory, and how to use Winbind; the Linux server sees the domain users and groups transparently. I assume that your Ubuntu server is installed and ready to be configured with Samba."

  • Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: Extending Range, Upgrading to Linux Firmware (2009-08-14 17:01:54)
    Wi-Fi Planet: "While the right to check e-mail anywhere may not exactly rank up there with social causes like civil rights, we may yet see the day when ubiquitous free wireless access is as commonplace as water fountains and restrooms."

  • Novell cuts openSUSE Linux support to 18 months (2009-08-14 16:01:54)
    Netstat -vat: "Starting with the openSUSE 11.2, maintenance support will be approximately 18 months which is a reduction of 6 months from what openSUSE 11.1 and prior releases, offered users."

  • Steven's handy desktop Linux guide (2009-08-14 15:36:28)
    Cyber Cynic: "With so many desktop Linux distributions, unless you're an expert it's hard to know what's what. Since I've been using desktop Linux almost since day one, and I've used every major distribution out there and many of the minor ones. I think I qualify as a desktop Linux expert, so here's my quick and dirty guide on picking out the right desktop Linux."

  • Palm responds to Pre privacy talk (2009-08-14 14:31:54)
    TechRadar: "Collects info for 'greater user experience'"

  • Signs show Linux moving into the driver's seat (2009-08-14 14:01:54)
    ZDNet Asia: "A steady stream of manufacturers are requesting Linux drivers for their hardware, suggesting growing adoption of Linux operating systems among enterprises."