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IT Management Linux News for Aug 17, 2009

  • Study: iPhone is a detriment to carriers (2009-08-17 23:31:43)
    InternetNews: "The iPhone is not a run-away success increasing profits for carriers -- or shareholders -- and reports of such are the product of Apple's "unique PR campaign" and uncritical media, according to the Danish consulting firm Strand Consult."

  • Secure VPN the Easy Way With the Linux-based Untangle Router (2009-08-17 22:31:43)
    LinuxPlanet: "OpenVPN is a genuine secure VPN that supports both site-to-site tunnels, to create a nice secure WAN on the cheap, and remote individual clients. Eric Geier shows us how to use the Untangle gateway to set up a good stout OpenVPN server the easy way."

  • No easy fix for Word legal woes (2009-08-17 20:01:43)
    Cyber Cynic: "...when I see that one attorney thinks there's an "easy technical work-around" for Microsoft's patent violation in Word, my alarm bells go off. There is no easy fix here, and, short of waving the white-flag, Microsoft may very well have to stop selling Word, and thus Microsoft Office, this fall."

  • Ubuntu netbook is colored to match (2009-08-17 14:31:43)
    Desktop Linux: "Berkeley, Calif.-based system integrator ZaReason is selling a netbook that includes Ubuntu, and even is available with a matching "mocha" case. The Terra A20 includes the usual Intel Atom N270 CPU, a 160GB hard disk drive, and an optional internal cellular modem, the company says."

  • OpenSource World (2009-08-17 12:01:24)
    Dissociated Press: "This year, LinuxWorld has become OpenSource World. It's a sign of the times — Linux has become so mainstream that the organizers feel that Linux alone isn't a big enough draw."