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IT Management Linux News for Aug 18, 2009

  • Ubuntu 9.10 vs Windows 7: No Ordinary October Showdown (2009-08-18 23:02:42)
    WorksWithU: "Canonical needs to carefully communicate the broader Ubuntu 9.10 story to media, customers and partners. Here are seven potential steps to success for Canonical and the Ubuntu 9.10 launch."

  • Is your netbook small enough for Windows 7? (2009-08-18 20:32:42)
    IT Wire: "Microsoft, and not the manufacturer, will decide what is and is not a netbook with screen size being the main metric. So just how small will you have to go to run Windows 7 Starter Edition?"

  • Heartland Hackers Caught; Answers and Questions (2009-08-18 20:02:42)
    Securosis: "The indictment today of Albert Gonzales and two co-conspirators for hacking Hannaford, 7-Eleven, and Heartland Payment Systems is absolutely fascinating on multiple levels. Most importantly from a security perspective, it finally reveals details of the attacks."

  • Red Hat steps up channel reach against Novell and Microsoft (2009-08-18 18:02:42)
    Channel Register: "It takes money to make money, and commercial Linux distributor Red Hat knows this."

  • Mindcraft 2.0: Firefox Comes of Age (2009-08-18 17:32:42)
    Ope4n Enterprise: "The Mindcraft benchmarks gave the lie to this position more effectively than anything the open source community could have done. At a stroke, Microsoft had anointed GNU/Linux as an official rival."

  • ABC avoids uttering the 'W' word (2009-08-18 15:02:42)
    IT Wire: "What's the one word that comes to mind when people discuss worms, viruses, spyware, malware and botnets?"

  • CentOS Pulse #0904: RPM packaging, Kernel hole, Tip Of The Newsletter, CentOS in the Spotlight (2009-08-18 10:33:43)
    CentOS Pulse: "3. RPM packaging best practices
    Before you start to package you should set up a packaging environment. Any setup you make for packaging should work as normal user."

  • Dell plans to Linux to expand netbook presence (2009-08-18 07:33:43)
    ComputerWorld: "In an effort to expand its Linux offerings, Dell is researching new netbook-type devices and will soon offer netbook Linux operating system upgrades, a company official said on Wednesday."

  • Developing Nations May Reuse More Electronics Than Thought (2009-08-18 06:03:43)
    GreenerComputing: "What the researchers found suggests that, at least in one country, imported electronics are not immediately destined for meltdown or other polluting and poisonous dismantling practices, as has been shown in China and other countries..."

  • How Bill Gates Denied Access to Office File Format Documentation (2009-08-18 00:03:43)
    Boycott Novell: "We required a signed license agreement in hand before we’ll send them the docs. They have to tell us who they are and what their company does, as well as their intended use."